Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan puts Ehsan in a tough spot

Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ahsan motivates and excites Arav for a trip on a yacht. Katha questions Arav’s lack of excitement and offers to cancel the trip. Ahsan receives a call from Teju, who has a surprise for him. Teju’s friend is a member of the royal family of Paris, where Ahsan is working on a project. Teeju invited Paranlekha to dinner, and Ahsan must attend to finalize the deal. Ahsan postpones the yacht trip with Arav and apologizes to him and Katha. Ahsan’s work commitment takes priority over the yacht trip.

Ahsan is late for dinner. Teeju apologizes for dishonoring the royal highness. Paranlekha forgives Ahsan for his mistake. Teeju, Farah, and Paranlekha burst into laughter. Paranlekha confirms the Viaan and Ahsan’s project on the condition that they bring Teeju to her hometown. Farah reveals that Viaan pushed Teeju to call Ahsan urgently. Ahsan pulls Viaan aside to talk.

Ahsan tells Viaan that he bought a new yacht. Viaan interrupts Ahsan’s plan with Katha because of his jealousy. Ahsan questions Viaan about keeping him and Katha separate intentionally. Viaan remains silent when Ahsan wants him to deny his feelings for Katha. Ahsan warns Viaan to stay away from his relationship with Katha to preserve their friendship and business.

Ahsan leaves for an important matter, and Viaan takes over arrangements. Teeju shows Viaan a necklace she received from Paranlekha as a gift. Farah thinks that Viaan will be ready for marriage once he finds the right person. Viaan and Teeju discuss love, and Teeju shares her experience of one-sided love. Teeju encourages Viaan to be true to himself and talk to his mother about his understanding of love. Teeju hopes that Viaan finds love soon and shares it with her. Farah sees Paranlekha off.

Katha notices Arav lying silently on his bed and asks him why he’s feeling down. Katha tries to get Arav to talk about the issue but he gets irritated. Arav insists that he is the man of the house and will find a solution to the problem himself. Arav confides in Katha that his schoolmates attacked him for being over smart. Katha promises to go to school with Arav the next day for support. Neerja returns home and lies to Katha about her whereabouts. Neerja receives a phone call from a woman who questions her for constantly delaying, and Neerja promises to come soon. Katha hugs Arav for comfort.


Viaan clarifies to Katha that he is more than a one-night stand. Arav gives Katha chocolates and flowers as his valentine. Arav wants Katha to meet Robin.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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