Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaya in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Prithvi mentions Kavya is a good girl, then threatens her mother with a gun. Pandit jee is scared of the gun, Prithvi tries to assure him to hurry up with the wedding rituals. Prithvi forcibly holds Preeta’s hand during the ritual of circling around the mandap. The entire Luthra family is scared, Preeta takes advantage and hits Prithvi on the head. Priyanka comes to the mandap, Prithvi thinks she is giving the same reaction as in his daydream. Prithvi must divert attention to marry Preeta, he causes the bowl to fall, worrying everyone. Priyanka is worried about Anjali and exclaims if Bhagwan himself wants to help her. Prithvi is worried about Preeta revealing the truth about his identity and thinks he must do something.

Priyanka and Preeta’s clothes got ruined. Shristhi and Kritika are not present. Dadi is a friend of Anjali. Dadi asks about Anjali’s whereabouts. Priyanka replies that Anjali is out but will be back soon.

Prithvi quickly sits behind a pillar. He was about to be caught by Preeta because she realized he is not Karan. Prithvi is grateful to see the future and protect himself. Prithvi is awed by the stain on the clothes. Prithvi plans to roam around to divert everyone’s mind and hide from Preeta.

Prithvi is shocked to see Arjun kneeling against the couch. Arjun wakes up and starts strangling Prithvi, but falls unconscious again. Prithvi is relieved that no one else saw Arjun. Prithvi plans to hide Arjun before anyone else finds him.

Prithvi pulls Arjun into the room. Preeta and Priyanka enter the room with Priyanka smiling. Preeta is cleaning her dress while Priyanka signals Anjali, who is hiding behind the curtain. Preeta informs Priyanka that she will wash her dress with water before going to the bathroom. Anjali advises Priyanka to close the door and be cautious so that the truth won’t be noticed.

Anjali is waiting for Preeta to come out of the bathroom. Preeta is shocked to see Anjali wearing the same wedding dress as hers. Anjali informs Preeta that she will marry the person Preeta is about to marry. Anjali wants to marry Arjun and thinks he will realize her love for him. Preeta asks if Arjun knows about the truth, to which Anjali replies that he doesn’t.

She explains that she loves Arjun, but the plan to deceive him and the rest of the family might not be good for her or anyone else. Anjali tries to knock Preeta unconscious with a rock but fails, so Priyanka comes to her aid and covers Preeta’s mouth with a napkin, making her unconscious. Anjali and Priyanka plan to hide Preeta in a room with all the medicines and disguise Anjali as the bride. Anjali warns Preeta that she will marry Arjun and the Luthra family will take her to the Mandap themselves.

Sameer and Shristhi are in a car in front of a key maker’s shop. Shristhi is frustrated because Sameer asked if she remembered the place, which she finds unromantic. They first met at their old office and Shristhi feels offended when Sameer refers to her as his “mother.” The shop is closed and Sameer calls the shop owner to come and open the lock on the trunk. Sameer is worried about Shristhi’s anger.

Anjali is in a room and is worried about Arjun’s reaction to her marriage. Priyanka enters the room and starts correcting Anjali. Bani Dadi enters the room and asks why Anjali is covered in a veil. Priyanka explains that the pandit advised Anjali to cover the veil because of the stars’ alignment. Dadi is worried about the truth being revealed due to Priyanka’s slip.

Bani Dadi agrees with Priyanka’s explanation about the veil. Bani Dadi asks for Anjali’s hand to help her avoid falling due to the veil.

Prithvi manages to place Arjun in the bathroom and sits with him. Prithvi is with Arjun in the bathroom. Prithvi wants to do what he came here for, which is to marry Preeta. Prithvi’s intention is to marry Preeta. Prithvi mentions that people tried to stop him but he managed to divert their attention. Prithvi was successful in keeping his intentions a secret from others. Prithvi is sure that things will change for him and he will take revenge for what Arjun did in the past. Prithvi is determined to take revenge on Arjun. Prithvi’s plan is to marry Preeta to get revenge on Arjun. Prithvi’s plan of revenge involves marrying Preeta.

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