Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta Exposes Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shamu is angry and feels like he and Sherlin have been made fools. Shamu thought that Prithvi loved Sherlin and that’s why he brought her there. Shamu deceived everyone by getting Prithvi arrested, but now he feels that Prithvi might be trying to marry Preeta. Sherlin says that this can’t happen and requests Shamu to let her go. Sherlin believes she can bring back the money and Prithvi and asks for two of Shamu’s men. Shamu questions Sherlin’s motives and doesn’t trust her after being betrayed by her husband. Drama between Shamu, Sherlin, Prithvi, and Preeta over love, trust, and money. Sherlin believes she can bring back the money and Prithvi with the help of Shamu’s men. Shamu remains skeptical of Sherlin’s motives and is wary of being betrayed again after Prithvi’s arrest. Tension between Shamu and Sherlin over love, trust, and money.

Sameer and Rishab mention that they don’t have the key to open the trunk. Prithvi is worried that the contents of the trunk, including Kritika, will be discovered. Rakhi questions how the trunk became locked and suggests calling the lock maker. Sameer and Shristhi leave to call the lock maker. Mystery surrounding the locked trunk and its contents.

Pandit jee instructs Preeta and Prithvi to hold hands for a ritual. Preeta quickly realizes that something is wrong as Prithvi places his hand over hers. Uneasy realization during a traditional ritual.

Arjun recalls Prithvi’s threat to marry Preeta instead of him. He frees himself from being tied up and wonders where his clothes are. Arjun realizes that Prithvi has been trying to marry Preeta and declares that it cannot happen. Conflict between Arjun and Prithvi over Preeta. Arjun is determined to stop Prithvi from marrying Preeta. Arjun is faced with the challenge of stopping the wedding with limited resources, as he doesn’t have his clothes and is unable to move freely. Determination to stop an unwanted wedding.

Shamu distrusts Sherlin due to being betrayed by Prithvi. Sherlin tries to assure Shamu by telling him she comes from a wealthy family. Sherlin’s mother hates Prithvi and has disowned her. Sherlin hopes to win back Rishab Luthra and remarry him to become wealthy again. Sherlin plans to reveal the truth about Prithvi at the mandap to convince Rishab to remarry her. Shamu agrees to the plan, but threatens to kill Sherlin if she makes a mistake. Sherlin is confident that this plan will succeed. Plot to use Prithvi’s truth to regain wealth and power.

Priyanka and Anjali entered a room. Anjali was worried about the plan and asked if Priyanka was sure it would work. Anjali was also worried about how she would marry Arjun if Preeta was already there. Priyanka assured Anjali that she would handle everything. Priyanka advised Anjali to quickly get ready. Priyanka considers herself as Anjali’s sister from another mother. Priyanka enters a room with Anjali and reassures her that she would handle the plan and advises her to get ready.

Arjun experiences dizziness while walking in the hall. He falls beside the couch, possibly due to the effects of chloroform.

Prithvi tries to explain himself but Rakhi interrupts him and asks where is Arjun. Prithvi lies that he doesn’t know where Arjun is, but Preeta doesn’t believe him and accuses him of doing something to Arjun. The entire family starts demanding answers from Prithvi and questioning his intentions. Prithvi tries to make excuses and escape, but Preeta and the family don’t let him go and continue to question him. Eventually, the truth about Prithvi’s evil plan to trick Preeta into marriage comes to light and the family is horrified. They demand that Prithvi leave their house immediately and never show his face again. Meanwhile, Arjun slowly regains consciousness and starts searching for Preeta. He finally finds her in the Mandap and is relieved to see that she is safe. Together, they expose Prithvi’s true colors and the family is grateful for their bravery. The wedding continues, but this time, with the right groom. Arjun and Preeta finally tie the knot, and everyone celebrates the union of two souls meant to be together.

Prithvi tries to come up with an excuse but Preeta slaps him and says she knew it all along, she says she could never believe that Arjun could deceive her like this and that he would use her as a pawn in his game. Rakhi also slaps Prithvi and asks how dare he come here, she says she trusted him as a friend and he used that trust to deceive them all. Preeta says she never wants to see him again and that he should leave the Luthra house right now.

The family members start asking questions, trying to understand what happened and where Arjun is. Just then, Karan enters the room, dressed as a groom and everyone is shocked to see him. Preeta runs towards him, crying and embraces him tightly. She says she knew he would come back and that she would never be able to marry anyone else. Karan also embraces her back, saying he would never let anything bad happen to her and that he would always be there for her.

Rakhi asks Karan what happened and where was he, Karan explains that he was drugged and taken to a different location, but he managed to escape and come back to stop the wedding. Preeta tells everyone that she always knew Karan was Arjun, and that he just needed time to remember his past.

The family members are happy to see Karan and Preeta together, and they celebrate their reunion. The pandit jee starts the wedding rituals again, and this time it is truly Karan and Preeta getting married. The wedding goes ahead smoothly and the two of them exchange their vows, promising to love and protect each other for the rest of their lives.

Everyone celebrates the wedding, dancing and enjoying the festivities. The truth about Prithvi is also revealed to the family, and they vow to make sure he never sets foot in their house again. Karan and Preeta, now married, walk out of the Mandap as a happily married couple, surrounded by their loved ones.

Prithvi is angry and has taken out a gun, explaining that Arjun is unconscious and in his pocket Prithvi is furious with Preeta, as she was about to marry him in the past, but Karan took his place Prithvi threatens to marry Preeta, despite any force on earth trying to stop him Preeta refuses to marry Prithvi, and even slaps him Prithvi places the gun over Kavya, and pressurizes Preeta into agreeing to marry him Preeta, with tears in her eyes, reluctantly agrees to marry Prithvi The Luthra family is shocked by the turn of events.

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