Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani lies to Shiv

Lag Ja Gale 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shiv expresses hatred towards his father and believes he doesn’t deserve to be called human. Shiv’s mother slaps him and goes inside. Ishani presents their catering services to Sujata. Sujata’s husband mentions that the performer for a “jagrata” event has backed out. Shiv refuses to attend a meeting until his mother’s mood improves. Ishani comes up with a plan to cheer up her mother. Ishani enlists the help of Shiv’s sister to cheer up their mother. The plan to cheer up their mother involves throwing a surprise party. Sujata’s husband expresses gratitude towards Ishani for the catering services. The episode ends with the surprise party being a success and Shiv’s mother feeling happy.

Ishani comes up with the idea for Shiv to dress up as a tiger for the jagrata event. Shiv initially refuses, but eventually agrees to do it for his mother’s happiness. The florist refuses to deliver the bouquet for Shiv’s mother due to closing time. Shiv apologizes to his mother and she becomes happy after seeing him dressed up as a tiger. Yash is surprised and thinks someone special may have influenced Shiv’s decision. The surprise party continues with Shiv dressed as a tiger and everyone enjoying themselves. Shiv’s mother is proud of her son and takes photos to share with Yash. Shiv’s transformation into a tiger shows his love and respect for his mother. The episode ends on a positive note with everyone happy and having a good time.

Baba comes home and asks about the party. Rachna and Neeti argue while Pooja gives water to Baba. Baba figures out that there was a party based on the burn mark on Ishani’s hand. Baba expresses concern for Ishani’s future and Pooja suggests they get married in the same house. Sulochana brings good news that a guy in Delhi likes Pooja and has no family problems. Sulochana asks Jagdish (Baba) to get the jewelry from the locker. Jagdish expresses concern for Ishani. Sulochana speaks venomously about Ishani, calling her all sorts of bad names. Jagdish scolds Sulochana for speaking poorly about Ishani, reminding her that she owes her life to her. Neeti instigates Sulochana’s negative feelings towards Ishani.

Shiv is upset with his father and tells his mother that he might be “rotten somewhere” and not deserving to be called a human. Shiv’s mother slaps him and goes inside. Ishani tries to cheer up Shiv’s mother. Ishani tries to convince Shiv to play the role of a tiger in a jagrata, and he eventually agrees. Baba comes home and Pooja and Sulochana have a conversation about Pooja’s arranged marriage. Baba and Sulochana have an argument about Ishani and her worth. Shiv is upset with Ishani for lying about his mother’s happiness and warns her to stay away from him.

Shiv reluctantly becomes a tiger in a costume to please his mother Baba is worried about Ishani’s future after she is married Sulochana shows her venom towards Ishani Shiv gets angry at Ishani for lying to him about his mother’s happiness Shiv warns Ishani to stay away from him or he will ruin her Ishani tries to go home but Sulochana changed the lock Ishani feels cold and helpless


Sulochana slaps Ishani. Accuses Ishani of causing a fight between Jagdish and her. Shiv watches a video and gets angry. Shiv threatens to ruin the girl. Shiv complains about the girl and gets her ousted from a part-time job. Ishani gives Shiv 20 rupees for his poor hospitality

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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