Lag Ja Gale 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv faces humiliation

Lag Ja Gale 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shiv arrives at his hotel and is warned by an employee about a tail hanging from his back. Reporters take photos of Shiv as he enters the hotel lift. Shiv asks the liftman if any celebrities have visited, and why the media is after him. The liftman points out the tail to Shiv, who is surprised to find it. Ishani is sitting outside Sulochana’s house at 4 am, and Sulochana asks her to fetch water from the tanker. Sulochana changed the lock and accuses Ishani of losing the key, leading to a physical altercation. Ishani goes to fetch the water as instructed by Sulochana.

Shiv’s mother hides a video from him and asks Shashi not to let him see it. Meena compliments Shiv and shows him a video in which he is walking with a tail on his back. Shiv gets angry, breaks Meena’s phone, and blames Ishani for the video. Yash promises to delete the video and talk to Shiv when he calms down. Meena expresses her disappointment in Shiv’s behavior and reminds his mother of the 50,000 Rs investment made by Bhupen Ji. Shiv’s mother defends her son and expresses her gratitude towards Bhupen Ji’s trust in Shiv’s capabilities. Meena thinks highly of the person who made the video.

Pooja gives coffee to Ishani and asks her to drink kada at night. Sulochana talks to Ishani about giving money to Dharam Bhao and calls Rachna to collect it. Ishani hesitates to give the money to Rachna, and Sulochana takes it from her and gives it to Rachna instead. Sulochana taunts Ishani about her mother and takes credit for giving her a good upbringing before leaving.

Shiv talks to Urban Clean’s proprietor about his employee, Ishani. The employee defends Ishani’s performance and suggests not firing her. The proprietor mentions Shiv Dhooper’s complaint and advises Shiv to speak with other clients. The proprietor advises Shiv to give a warning to Ishani.

Ishani tells Baba that Gagan Sir warned her. Baba gives Ishani friend rice to eat. Suraj offers to eat the rice, but Ishani asks him to make his own. Ishani receives a call from Priya, who is 8 months pregnant and coming to Chandigarh for delivery. Priya corrects Ishani, saying she informed her 6 months back, and asks Ishani to bring Baba’s fried rice to her location.

Ishani meets Priya in Shiv’s hotel and brings her food from outside. Ishani and Priya talk about the quality of the hotel’s food. The waiter sees Ishani giving Priya the food and complains to the Manager. The Manager defends Ishani and tells the waiter that Priya is a guest and that the matter is not significant. Shiv overhears the conversation and asks what is not significant.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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