Lag Ja Gale 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani, Shiv at loggerheads

Lag Ja Gale 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ishani received a call from Dharam Pal, to whom Rachna gave money. Ishani wonders if Rachna will give money to Dharam Pal again. Rachna meets her friend Sonia in a jewelry store and talks about Valentine’s day. Shiv finds out that the guest is having outside food and warns her about the hotel’s rule. Priya gets into an argument with Shiv about the quality of hotel food. Ishani invites Shiv to her father’s restaurant. Ishani tips Shiv for his hospitality.

A manager of Swesh jeweler speaks to a man who mentions that his boss will have a problem. The manager asks for the man’s boss’s name, but Sumeet, a senior inspector of the inspection department, arrives. Sumeet requests paperwork for the store and parking lot. The manager looks at Rachna and asks his assistant about her. Sumeet reveals that Rachna lives at 2/34 and her sister Ishani runs a music video channel. The assistant mentions that Ishani wants to make a music video. Sumeet compliments Rachna’s beauty and suggests tasting her later.

Ishani collides with Yash and talks about Shiv Dhooper. Ishani mentions that Shiv complained to Urban clean about her and she lost 2 orders. Ishani talks about Shiv’s costume at a jagrata and a viral picture. Yash mentions that Shiv talks bitter, but he is good at heart. Ishani talks about the impact of a good heart and bad talk.

A man receives a call from his mother and agrees to meet her. Shashi and Yash’s mother are in the same store. Rachna steals a bracelet and plans to leave, but the salesgirl returns and accuses her of theft. The salesgirl threatens to call the police and the manager suggests searching Rachna’s purse. Rachna threatens to file a harassment case and the bracelet falls out of her purse. Shiv’s mother and Shashi witness the incident.

Ishani receives a call from Dharam Pal, telling her that Rachna gave him money. Rachna meets her friend Sonia at a jewelry store and tells her that she doesn’t have to depend on anyone to buy Valentine’s Day gifts. Shiv warns Priya not to bring outside food to his hotel, and says that she might be banned from the hotel for doing so. Ishani tells Shiv that her father owns a restaurant and asks him to come to Sulochanas Food Inn. Yash invites Shiv to a party, but he initially refuses until Yash mentions that Aniket, Shiv’s favorite, will be there as well. Shiv finally agrees to go to the party and tells Yash that he loves both him and Aniket. Ishani thinks Shiv is arrogant and has no mind, while Yash thinks he is good at heart.

Ishani returns home and asks Rachna if she is alright. Rachna confirms that she is fine. Ishani inquires about what happened, to which Rachna asks if she gave money to Dharam Pal.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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