Lag Ja Gale 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani slaps Bhupen

Lag Ja Gale 21st February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – 🏨 Bhupen talks about a miraculous hotel that doubles money at night 👀 Ishani questions Bhupen about the hotel 👥 City corporation employees wake up due to the commotion 🤬 Bhupen tells Ishani to stop her drama and insults her 🖐️ Ishani dips her hand in ink and slaps Bhupen 💰 Bhupen accuses Ishani of trapping rich people 🚶 Ishani leaves while Sumeet watches in shock.

📞 Ishani talks to Pooja about giving rent and interest to Dharam Pal. 🏨 Pooja mentions going to a hotel to give a wallet to Baba. 💍 Ishani finds Shiv’s bracelet in her purse and goes to return it. 🤔 Randeep assumes Shiv was with a girl and invites Ishani for tea. 😠 Shiv shows attitude and refuses tea, Ishani insults him. 🧕 Ishani’s dupatta gets stuck, she thinks Shiv is apologizing. 🚶 Ishani leaves after freeing her dupatta, both look at each other.

Sulochana is bargaining for vegetables in the market while being confronted by Hema and Kavita.. They accuse Sulochana of hiding the truth about Pooja’s artificial leg and are relieved that her alliance didn’t happen with their relative’s son.. Sulochana promises to get Pooja married in a good household despite their concerns and mentions that Ishani’s marriage will be fixed first because of her beauty and skills.. Bhupen breaks a glass in anger and Sumeet tries to calm him down.. Bhupen vows to take revenge on Ishani and ruin her life.. Sumeet questions how he plans to do so.. The reason for the revenge is unclear from the given text.

Sulochana is seething with anger as she thinks about the hurtful words spoken by Kavita and Hema. Meanwhile, Rachna asks Ishani for some ice, to which Ishani obliges. Rachna then asks if Ishani has collected the money. Ishani confirms that she has paid the rent and EMI to Dharam Pal.

Yash asks about the girl who had come to meet Shiv, and Randeep’s wife reveals that he had told her everything. Shiv is annoyed that Randeep couldn’t keep it to himself. Kiran urges Shiv to share the truth, but Shiv denies the existence of any girl. Ishani suggests Sulochana rest while she prepares roti. Sulochana leaves with a furious expression. Soon, Bhupen arrives and Kiran asks Shiv to reveal if there is indeed a girl. Bhupen offers to search for a good girl for Shiv. However, Shiv insists there is no girl in his life and walks away. Sulochana, on the other hand, vows to not let Ishani get married before her daughters.

Ishani visits the hotel and hands something to Suraj, who hands her a notice he received. Ishani reads it and sees that the city corporation is asking them to pay a fine of 5 lakhs Rs or vacate the hotel in 3 days. She tells Suraj not to tell Baba about it because of his health problem. Ishani sees Sumeet Chauha’s signature at the bottom of the letter and realizes that it was sent to take revenge on her. She goes to Sumeet and asks him to take back the notice, as they always pay the taxi and bills on time. Sumeet tells her to quietly pay the bill. Bhupen arrives there and tells the guard to go outside. He tells Sumeet not to take advantage of Ishani’s position and says that she is already troubled. Bhupen then suggests that if they are not going to use a chair for themselves, then they should give it to charity. Ishani threatens to take them to court, or else she will change her name.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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