Lag Ja Gale 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update: A shocker for Jagdish and Sulochana

Lag Ja Gale 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shiv owns a hotel. Guest Ayaan asks Shiv to order food from Sulochana food in’s restaurant. Ayaan gives Shiv a card from Sulochana food in’s restaurant. Shiv gets angry and compares his hotel food and hospitality to the restaurant. 🍴 Shiv asks Randeep to make tasty Maharashtrian food for Ayaan. Shiv doesn’t want to see Sulochana in his hotel. Randeep gets tensed.

Ishani calculates they earned 11000 Rs in 2 hours. Ishani thinks it’s a good business idea. Suraj suggests they can earn wherever there is traffic. Ishani says they need 1 lakh to earn 5 lakhs even if they earn 11000 daily. They decide not to tell Kaka about it, as the hotel is his pride and happiness. Ishani gets an idea and leaves. Pooja gets worried.

Bhupen tells Sumeet he won’t let the girl accumulate money. Bhupen says she tried to win the money, but he caught her. Sumeet reveals he played a trick to take over Jagdish hotel. Sumeet spread the news that Jagdish Kulkarni’s hotel will be closed. They cheer. Bhupen gets angry seeing the ink box, remembering Ishani’s slap. Bhupen plans to make Ishani’s nights sleepless.

Randeep and Shiv invite Ayaan and his fiancé to taste dishes made by their master chefs. Ayaan refuses, asks them to call the girl to make the dish for them. Shiv gets angry, but remains calm, saying she’s busy. Ayaan’s fiancé criticizes 5 star hotel for relying on a roadside restaurant. Ayaan admits their mistake and thinks Mr. Dhooper can’t manage. 🚶 They leave. Shiv thinks the girl did it purposely, decides not to call her to the hotel. Shiv suggests they go to her restaurant instead.

Ishani approached a money lender to borrow money and agreed to pay 21% interest. She promised to repay the entire amount within six months. Another shop owner asked Ishani for surety papers to secure the loan. Ishani didn’t have any collateral but assured the lender that she would repay the loan on time. The second shop owner declined to lend her money. The reason for refusal is not mentioned in the text. The text describes a failed attempt by Ishani to borrow money from a lender.

Sulochana is searching for the cause of Rachna’s facial problem. Jagdish inquires about the problem and Sulochana blames Ishani for it. A neighbor informs Sulochana that Harry’s wife Sapna is distributing sweets and spreading a rumor that Jagdish’s shop will be closed and Harry will open a restaurant there. Sulochana questions Jagdish about taking a loan, but he denies it. They both visit the city corporation office, reason not specified in the text.

Shiv and Randeep visit Jagdish’s restaurant in Sardaar attire and ask him to taste the dish to guess the ingredients. They plan to make the dish in their own restaurant. Sulochana and Jagdish are in their office, unaware of the visitors. Sumeet overhears their conversation and tells Bhupen that they will not meet the visitors. Bhupen expresses his desire to see Sulochana insulted and believes that they will lose their strength as they did with their hotel.

Shiv and Randeep tell Pooja that they had something while stuck in traffic, and she guesses it to be Pithla Bhakri Roll. Pooja prepares the rolls, and Ishani offers them a seat since there is no place to sit. While serving the rolls, Ishani recognizes Shiv, and a spoon falls on the floor. While picking it up, Shiv’s mustache comes off, and Ishani identifies him by name. Ishani asks Suraj to take the plate back, and Shiv gets angry at her behavior. Ishani refuses to serve food to mannerless people and pulls Shiv’s mustache.

The group is gathered around food. Ishani is upset about some drama that has happened. Ishani feels insulted about something that was said. The quality of the food is being discussed. Randeep asks Ishani to listen. Shiv is there to observe and make a judgement. Ishani and Shiv engage in a heated argument.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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