Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv, Ishani make a deal

Lag Ja Gale 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ishani asks Shiv to leave and threatens to take his class. Randeep asks Shiv to explain why they have come here. Shiv says they cannot understand what is class. Ishani plans to put up a board prohibiting Shiv from entering the premises. Yash offers Pooja a job opportunity at their hotel. Shiv gets angry at Yash for interfering in his business. Kiran and Shashi try to calm Shiv down.

Pooja informs Ishani that Shiv’s brother called and wants to add their Pithla bhakri to their hotel menu for a wedding function. They have been invited for a meeting. Ishani expresses her distrust towards Shiv Dhooper.

Shiv exercises and thinks about the client’s demand. Randeep and Yash discuss not letting the girl make the dish. Ishani and Pooja talk about the family members being out. Ishani calls Shiv a lamp post, not realizing he’s there. Ishani offers Shiv water and he offers her a job for their event. Ishani accepts the offer and they agree to discuss further at Hotel Regaria. Ishani says she’s putting aside her anger for her father’s hotel. Ishani is willing to do anything for her father.

Ishani and Pooja arrive at the hotel and Ishani offers Pooja some water. Pooja mentions they are there for money. Meanwhile, Randeep tells Yash that Shiv made the right decision. Shiv starts exercising and remembers the client’s demand. Ishani and Pooja enter his cabin, and Shiv invites Ishani to take a seat. Shiv assumes that they are there to talk about money, but Ishani has a plan to turn the tables on him. Randeep says they want to discuss food, and Shiv offers them 20,000 rupees for their dish. Ishani demands 20 lakhs, and Shiv asks if she has ever seen 2 lakhs. Ishani argues that a crore rupees wedding will take place in the hotel, and their hard work deserves more value. She settles for 5 lakhs and asks for the advance payment. Shiv says the deal is not done yet, and they have to sign a contract with a clause stating that if they fail to make the food, they must pay 50 lakhs in compensation. Ishani is shocked by this condition.

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