Main Hoon Aparajita 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nia apologises to Dadi and Asha

Main Hoon Aparajita 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Aparajita threatens Mohini to not hurt her daughters’ father again. Akshay comes and apologizes to Aparajita. Akshay drags Mohini away.

Mohini accuses Akshay of forgetting about her and their relationship. Mohini reveals that Akshay’s mother didn’t want him to remember her. Chhavi comes and hugs Akshay. Chhavi reveals she has something important to discuss, a flashback shows Veer proposing to her. Mohini suggests discussing Chhavi and Veer’s marriage now that Akshay is better. Akshay agrees to discuss the matter with Aparajita. Akshay has memory loss from an incident and doesn’t remember much from that night. Chhavi missed Akshay while he was away for the past 2 weeks. Chhavi wants to discuss her relationship with Veer.

Akshay is standing alone and thinking about Chhavi. Niya comes and hugs Akshay, expressing how much she missed him and how scared she was. Niya recalls doubting Aparajita. Niya asks Akshay to promise to never leave her. Akshay apologizes and promises not to cause Niya any more pain. Niya hugs Akshay and cries.

Asha is upset about returning to live with Mohini after being happy with “old Akshay”. She gives her medicine to Dadi and reflects on the difficulty of forgetting the past two weeks. Papa (Akshay) was very different and loved Mama very much. Asha shows Dadi a video of Aparajita and Akshay together as a memory. Mama wouldn’t allow Asha to show the video to Akshay. Niya offers to take Dadi to visit those she misses and apologizes for past rudeness. Dadi asks about Disha, who is staying with Bappi because she is ill. Asha and Dadi both miss Papa (Akshay) and Mama. The video of Aparajita and Akshay serves as a reminder of their past happiness and love. Mama wanted Akshay to return to his present life, but Asha wishes for their Papa to come back. Niya apologizes for her past behavior and expresses gratitude towards Aparajita. Disha is staying with Bappi due to her illness.

Chhavi meets with Veer and informs him that Papa is with them. Papa cares about Chhavi’s happiness, regardless of what Mama thinks. Chhavi is determined to make her own decisions, even if they differ from Mama’s.

Mohini receives papers from her lawyer and is assured that the doctor will assist her. Manish questions Mohini’s actions, given that Akshay is back with her. Mohini is concerned about the stability of her marriage and fears that Aparajita may try to win Akshay back. Mohini wants to protect her marriage by keeping Akshay away from Aparajita. Mohini has seen love in Akshay and Aparajita’s home and believes that Aparajita is no longer weak.

Veer brings Chhavi home and Aparajita gives them a stern look. Veer leaves with a smirk on his face. Aparajita asks Chhavi where she went with Veer. Chhavi informs Aparajita that she has decided to marry Veer and that Papa has agreed to it. Aparajita is taken aback by this news. Chhavi explains that the wedding was postponed due to Papa’s health but now that he is back to his normal life, she believes it’s time for her to move forward with her life too. Asha asks what’s wrong, and Aparajita reveals that Chhavi’s announcement about getting married is a problem again now that Akshay’s memory is back.

Aparajita tries to call Akshay but the call is cut by Mohini. Mohini observes Aparajita’s call and accuses her of wanting to talk to Akshay. Mohini cuts the call and blocks Aparajita’s number. Aparajita is prevented from reaching out to Akshay.

Aparajita throws a stone at Akshay to get his attention. Akshay takes the stone from her and asks why she’s so upset. Aparajita expresses her concerns about Chhavi’s impending marriage to Veer. Akshay says he hasn’t discussed the marriage with Chhavi and that Aparajita’s objections might be in her head. Akshay asks Aparajita to find proof against Veer. Mohini overhears their conversation.

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