Main Hoon Aparajita 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nia lies to Akshay

Main Hoon Aparajita 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Akshay tells Aparajita to find proof against Veer. Communication between Akshay and Aparajita. Aparajita is determined not to let Chhavi marry Veer. Aparajita’s opinion on Veer. Akshay glares at Aparajita and leaves. Akshay’s reaction to Aparajita’s statement. Mohini sees the conversation between Akshay and Aparajita. Mohini witnessed the conversation. Mohini plans to create a scene regarding Chhavi’s marriage. Mohini’s intention to cause a disturbance. Mohini has a plan. Mohini’s plan.

Aparajita calls Disha to ask about Bappi’s condition. Aparajita’s concern for Bappi. Disha says Bappi is getting better but she needs to stay with her. Bappi’s health and Disha’s role. Aparajita says she will keep in touch with Disha for updates. Aparajita’s plan to keep updated. Asha is trying to recover a video. Asha’s task of recovering a video. Aparajita tells Disha that they need to find proof soon. Aparajita’s urgency to find proof. Aparajita is unable to find Ritika. Aparajita’s failure to find Ritika. Aparajita is determined to expose Veer. Aparajita’s plan to expose Veer.

Veer goes to his den. Ritika is tied in the den. Veer makes a video of Ritika. Veer smirks.

Akshay enters Niya’s room. Niya is talking to her friend Sawartika on the phone. Niya expresses her love and affection for Sawartika. Akshay overhears the conversation and asks about it. Niya explains that Sawartika is her friend. Akshay offers to be Niya’s friend and listen to her problems. Niya agrees and promises to share with Akshay. Niya wants to be careful and not stress Akshay.

Mohini and Veer are having a conversation about a wedding between Chhavi and Veer. Mohini wants to convince Akshay and ensure the wedding happens. Veer is aware that Mohini is trying to save her own marriage. Veer suggests taking shagun to Aparajita’s house but thinks it won’t be accepted. Mohini has a plan to make the wedding happen. Veer thinks Mohini’s plans are not working lately but is willing to go along with this one. They both smirk after agreeing on the plan.

Scene 2: Niya is looking at a photo of Akshay and Mohini sadly. Mohini asks Niya if she is okay and Niya asks if Mohini loves Akshay. Mohini says she loves Akshay but feels the need to prove it to Aparajita. Niya suggests Mohini doesn’t need to compete with Aparajita as Akshay is already with her. Mohini explains that a woman has to fight to keep her man and that Aparajita may try to take Akshay away. Niya says that Aparajita’s intentions are not to break Mohini’s relationship with Akshay and suggests Mohini focus on her relationship with Akshay only. Mohini says that loving someone is not enough and that one must also protect their love.

Chhavi comes in and Asha quickly ends the call and lies about what they were talking about. Asha later tells Disha that she found the address of the phone and that her mother went to retrieve it. Disha believes that once they have the phone, they will have the proof they need.

Chhavi comes to Dadi’s room with her purse. Dadi asks Chhavi why she looks sad and Chhavi says she wants her parents to do rituals as a couple. Dadi tells Chhavi that Akshay and Aparajita are still a couple and that they will do the rituals together. Despite this, Chhavi is determined to get married at any cost.

Niya comes to Asha and asks about Aparajita. Asha informs Niya that Aparajita went out for work. Niya expresses a desire to apologize to Aparajita for being rude and to thank her for bringing Akshay’s memory back. Asha reassures Niya that Aparajita is not upset with her and that she understands Niya’s emotions. Niya and Asha share biscuits and hug each other.

Mohini and Akshay are in love and express their affection for each other. Mohini wants to bring happiness to Akshay by arranging Chhavi’s wedding. Mohini spoke with Veer’s dad about the wedding preparations. Akshay expresses anger towards Mohini’s decision, as it affects their daughter. Akshay wants to discuss the matter with Aparajita. Mohini is tired of hearing Aparajita’s name and wants to get rid of her.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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