Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Saransh’s lie fools Maitree, Nandini, and Ashish

Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Maitree questions Saransh’s sobriety. Saransh denies being drunk. Maitree observes that Saransh is unsteady and has red eyes. Saransh attempts to stand, but loses consciousness. Maitree becomes worried.

Nandu and Ashish are dancing together in the event. Maitree is crying and thinking about how to inform Ashish and Nandu about Saransh’s condition. Ashish starts throwing flower petals on Nandu and they continue dancing. Nandu gets emotional and starts to cry. Ashish asks Nandu why she’s crying and makes a joke to lighten the mood. The performance ends with applause from the audience. Sachin asks Sona to announce the winner of the competition, which was the boys’ team. Nandu feels a kick from her baby bump during the performance. Ashish asks Nandu if she’s okay and she says that their child liked the performance. Maitree signals Nandu and Ashish to come to her.

Ashish pours water on Saransh’s face and he wakes up. Nandu asks Saransh if he is drunk and he confirms. Maitree gets worried about Saransh’s condition. Saransh regrets saying yes to Nandu and thinks of a new excuse. Saransh claims his friends spiked his drink, as they are all drunkards since college days. Saransh makes an excuse that he was drinking a soft drink and they spiked it. Saransh apologizes to Ashish and Maitree for his behavior. Saransh swears on his mother that he’s telling the truth. Saransh leaves the room. Nandu gets worried and wants to catch Saransh.

Saransh goes to Sona and puts his hand on her, swearing that his mother will always be his top priority. Sona hugs and cries. Om asks about the sudden swearing. Saransh asks Ashish if he should tell everyone. Saransh explains they were talking about how people forget their mother. Saransh states that even if he dies, his mother will always be his top priority.

Sona stops Saransh from saying anything inauspicious. Saransh tells Sona to go home with other family members. Sona agrees and leaves.

Ashish and Nandu trust Saransh and his love for Sona. Maitree trusts them and apologizes to Saransh who forgives her. The three of them share a common dislike for drugs and the loss of a family member to it. Saransh thinks he saved himself by making excuses.

Maitree hears Dinesh and his wife talking about the house. Maitree says she won’t marry if they try to separate her from the house. Maitree considers the new house as her house number 2 and the old house as her house number 1. Dinesh and Maitree hug each other. Maitree is attached to her house and doesn’t want to be separated from it.

Vasundhara thinks about Maitree’s words. Nandu left home to marry Ashish against Vasundhara’s wishes. Vasundhara slaps Nandu and warns her not to return home. Vasundhara misses Nandu. Maitree thinks Vasundhara is waiting for Nandu’s return. Vasundhara thinks Nandu chose Ashish over her and cannot forgive Nandu and Maitree.


Saransh sneaks into Maitree’s room through the window. Maitree asks Saransh what he is doing there. Saransh puts his hand over Maitree’s mouth. Saransh tells Maitree that he loves her. The tone of the interaction is romantic and secretive.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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