Maitree 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Vasundhara’s cunning move

Maitree 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ashish is taking notes when Dinesh approaches him and tells him to rest. Ashish asks Dinesh if he is speaking to him as Dsp or as his uncle. Dinesh says he has no affinity for people who break hearts and he doesn’t want the judge to think they don’t care about Ashish. Ashish assures him that his blood samples will be clear and that there will be no drug case against him, as a small amount of drugs were found in his residence, and he was not in the car shown in the footage, so he will be released on bail. However, he will never forget how Dinesh changed and treated him. Dinesh reminds Ashish that Maitree will never forget how he cheated on her.

Maitree and Princy are planning Nandini’s baby’s Naam Karan. Princy asks if the name has already been decided. Maitree tells her that Nandini has chosen it and written it down on paper to show them. Princy agrees with the name after hearing it. Maitree asks if she can have one invitation so that she can enlarge it and place it at the entrance. Princy agrees and gives her one invitation. Maitree is surprised when she sees that the invitation only mentions Nandini’s name as Rathod but not the baby’s father’s name. She tells Princy that it will hurt the Tiwari family to see it.

Ashish arrives at court and approaches his parents to inquire about their well-being. Sona tells him that everything is fine, and Vasundhara has arranged for the baby’s Naamkaran ceremony, which they must attend, so they applied for bail on his behalf. Ashish agrees. In court, Ashish asks the judge to grant him bail so that he can attend his son’s Naamkaran, claiming that there is no evidence against him with the police. Vasundhara tries to defend herself, but the judge stops her and is about to grant bail when Dinesh and Ncb officers arrive and inform the judge that they found 10 grammes of drugs in Ashish’s car and that this is now a commercial case. Vasundhara recalls instructing his man to plant drugs in Ashish’s car. Ashish becomes agitated and claims it’s all Vasundhara’s plot to exact revenge on him. The judge warns Ashish not to think about his imprisonment. Ashish expresses his regret to him, but the bail application is denied. Maitree calls her father to find out what happened at the bail hearing, but she receives no response.

Maitree and Princy decide to watch the film Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway. Maitree tells Princy that her mom can fight with anyone. She begs Nandini to wake up for the sake of her baby. Meanwhile, Maitree learns from the news that Ashish’s bail application was denied because commercial quantities of drugs were discovered in his vehicle, implying that he may be a drug dealer. Maitree is taken aback and declares that Ashish cannot be a drug dealer.

The police take Ashish from jail. Ashish claims he will be released on bail soon. Vasundhara arrives and mocks Ashish’s condition. Ashish says he is ashamed of her because she is destroying her daughter’s life to exact her revenge. Maitree believes she will force Ashish to attend the Naam Karan. She asks Princy to look after the baby and then departs.

The retired judge meets Ashish and advises him on how to care for his baby’s Naamkaran. Ashish expresses gratitude to him. The judge walks away, giving him some leeway.

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