Maitree 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dinesh takes promise from Ashish

Maitree 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Maitree is in her room, thinking about Saransh’s condition. Saransh is thinking about how he can convince Maitree completely. Dinesh is thinking about Maitree’s tensed behavior when she asked about backing out of the marriage. Dinesh gets up and opens the closet. Dinesh’s wife asks him if he’s going somewhere and he tells her to get ready because they have to go somewhere.

Vasundhara’s brother informs her that he has obtained complete details of someone in a sherwani on a pen drive. Vasundhara takes the pen drive from him.

Saransh picks up his shoes and takes out a syringe from it. Sona suddenly comes in and asks him what he’s doing with the shoes. Saransh tells her he was deciding which shoes to wear. Sona asks to see the shoes, but Saransh places them back in the closet and closes it. Sona hugs Saransh and comforts him, telling him she was lonely when he wasn’t there. Saransh asks Sona what would happen if he refused to marry Maitree, and Sona says she would convince him because Maitree is innocent and down-to-earth. Sona tells Saransh that he’s lucky to have Maitree in his life and makes him go to sleep.

Vasundhara is watching CCTV footage on her laptop. Her brother shows her everything and Vasundhara spots Saransh. Vasundhara asks her brother about the person in the car and learns they can get details from the number plate. Vasundhara asks her brother to delete the video from the original source. Vasundhara wants to name the person in the car as the main drug dealer to prove someone named Nethaji innocent and defeat Ashish. Her brother praises her for her genius decision.

Ashish is thinking about Saransh asking Sona to convince him to leave a case.

Saransh gets up from bed and sneakily goes to his car, then leaves. Dinesh and his wife show up at Ashish’s house in their car. Dinesh calls Ashish outside and Ashish gets shocked when he learns they want to talk about Maitree.

Saransh gets into Maitree’s room through a window. Maitree gets scared and says someone might catch them. Saransh puts his hand over her mouth and makes her settle down on a sofa.

Dinesh and his wife come to see Ashish. Dinesh tells Ashish that they trust him to find a person for Maitree. Ashish asks if Maitree has said something, but Dinesh denies. Dinesh’s wife says Maitree has been worried lately. Ashish reassures them that everyone gets nervous and that Saransh is perfect for Maitree.

Saransh visits Maitree in her room and expresses his love for her. Saransh tells Maitree that he is ready to back off from their planned marriage if she has any doubts about him. Maitree is worried and tense about the situation. Saransh wants to avoid ending up like his parents and is asking Maitree to decide on their future together. Saransh says that he loves Maitree unconditionally.

Ashish is familiar with Saransh. Ashish thinks that Saransh is responsible. Ashish believes that Saransh can take care of Maitree. Dinesh is being informed about Saransh’s qualities. The conversation is about Saransh’s responsibility and care-taking abilities.

Maitree did not trust Saransh previously. Maitree now trusts Saransh. Saransh is happy about Maitree’s trust. Maitree trusts Nandu and Ashish. Maitree asks Saransh to promise that he won’t leave her.

Dinesh asks Ashish to make a promise about Maitree’s safety. Ashish promises to protect Maitree. Dinesh is happy about Ashish’s promise. Saransh promises Maitree that he won’t leave her. Tomorrow is Maitree and Saransh’s haldi ceremony. Saransh asks Maitree for a goodbye kiss. Maitree refuses and sends Saransh away.


Saransh wants to take Maitree to London. Everyone is tense about the announcement. Nandu feels that Saransh is destroying their friendship. Saransh apologizes to Nandu. Saransh’s plan to take Maitree to London was from day one.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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