Maitree 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vasundhara learns Saransh is Ashish’s brother

Maitree 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Haldi ceremony is taking place and everyone is ready. Sona brings Saransh to the event and everyone starts hugging each other. Sona asks Maitree’s mother for permission to start the event and she agrees. Ashish takes Saransh with him and informs him that Dinesh asked him to handle a case despite Saransh’s reluctance. Ashish tells Saransh that some footage was deleted and suspects Vasundhara of involvement due to her association with criminals. Saransh becomes scared, thinking that Vasundhara might have his footage. Ashish convinces Saransh to let him handle the case and hugs him, but Saransh worries about a new problem arising.

Sona arranged the haldi ceremony for the groom and bride in one place because she wanted to, as there is no law regarding it. Nandu interrupts Sona and claims that she should do the haldi first, citing an agreement she made with Maitree in their childhood. Sona denies Nandu’s request and takes the haldi, but Nandu takes it back, leading to an argument. Maitree intervenes and suggests that they both put the haldi on her simultaneously, which they do. Maitree’s mother appreciates her daughter’s action, and Nandu smiles. Sona laughs and continues the haldi ceremony. The ceremony seems to be a mix of tradition and improvisation. The conflict over who applies the haldi first is resolved creatively, allowing both friends to participate.

Ashish expresses his relief that Maitree is coming to their house, as she can handle everyone easily. During the Haldi ceremony, everyone puts haldi on Saransh and Maitree, and Saransh starts smiling. Sona gives Maitree a set of anklets and asks her to be their daughter-in-law, which Maitree agrees to. Saransh suddenly announces that he wants to take Maitree to London with him, shocking everyone. Saransh reveals he was joking and only meant to take her on a honeymoon, and everyone laughs with relief. Saransh reassures Nandu that he would never take Maitree to break their friendship. Saransh asks Maitree for her passport to apply for a fast-track passport, and Nandu takes her to change clothes while Sona and Ashish take Saransh with them.

Vasudhara’s brother has obtained information about the Sherwani guy and reveals that he is Saransh, brother of Ashish and Maitree’s future husband. The car used by Saransh is registered under Ashish’s name. Vasundhara informs her brother that Maitree’s wedding is taking place that day. There is a sense of impending drama due to the revelation. The information has the potential to disrupt the ongoing wedding preparations. The relationship between the characters and their connections are starting to become clear. The revelation of the Sherwani guy’s true identity may lead to a dramatic turn of events at Maitree’s wedding.

Sona gives Maitree a set of anklets and asks her not to leave her house until she becomes their daughter in law. Saransh announces that he wants to take Maitree to London with him, but it turns out he was talking about their honeymoon. Ashish and Saransh plan a mini trip to Goa after the honeymoon. Maitree’s parents feel emotional seeing her in her wedding dress. Nandu feels uncomfortable and hides her pain, but eventually tells Maitree she chose Saransh for her. Maitree prays for Vasundhara and Nandu to reunite in her marriage. Saransh plans to take Maitree to London completely before he gets exposed.


Maitree and Saransh are seated in the Mandap, and the Pandit is performing the wedding rituals. Nandu suddenly faints, causing everyone to panic. Ashish and Maitree rush to attend to Nandu. Sona tries to prevent Maitree from leaving the Mandap, but Maitree proceeds to help Nandu. As a result of the commotion, the gathbandhan between Maitree and Saransh loosens and opens. The unexpected turn of events is causing tension and drama in the wedding ceremony. The incident is a cause for concern, and the wedding may need to be postponed or restarted.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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