Maitree 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Saransh and Maitree get married

Maitree 17th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Saransh is being asked by Maitree to trust her. Saransh thinks about the benefits of marrying Maitree. Sona asks Saransh about what he’s thinking. Saransh believes that marrying Maitree will bring him help and care. Ashish and Nandu are happy and start smiling. Saransh proposes to Maitree and she happily accepts. Sona blesses the couple and decides the wedding will happen soon.

Vasundhara arrives and plans to confront them about taking Nandu away. Pandit is preparing for the wedding ceremony. Saransh receives a message about visas and tickets for London with Maitree. Sona plans to end Maitree and Nandu’s friendship after the wedding. Maitree wishes for Vasundhara’s arrival and the wedding rituals continue. Nandu reflects on her own situation and sees Maitree and Saransh sitting together in the mandap. Sachin arrives and tells Maitree about the shortage of rasgullas, Sona jokes about the situation.

Vasundhara and her brother are waiting outside the venue. Maitree’s mother is arranging catering and in a rush to get rasgullas. Maitree’s mother spots Vasundhara and approaches her. Maitree’s mother mentions that Nandu will be excited to see Vasundhara at the wedding. Maitree’s mother takes Vasundhara with her into the venue.

Saransh receives a text from his friend about the visa and tickets for London. Maitree’s mother talks to the catering company to get rasgullas and spots Vasundhara outside the venue. Vasundhara is taken inside the venue and greeted by everyone. Vasundhara’s brother asks if he should call the police, but Vasundhara whispers something in his ear and he leaves. Vasundhara gives her blessings to Maitree and Saransh, and remembers Saransh’s footage. Nandu thinks that Vasundhara is here to spoil the wedding. Vasundhara apologizes and gives her permission to continue the wedding.

Maitree and Saransh are getting married and receiving flower showers from everyone.. Nandu believed Vasundhara is trying to spoil the wedding, but Ashish reveals that Maitree invited her personally and told him not to mention it to Nandu. Nandu is shocked by the revelation. Vasundhara feels betrayed by the people who arranged Nandu’s marriage without her consent, and thinks Maitree took control of everything. Vasundhara wants Maitree to marry Saransh to ruin her life and regret her decision. Vasundhara’s decision to switch sides was influenced by being present at the wedding.

Maitree and Saransh complete their fere and feel that things are going well despite previous issues. Saransh mentions that their tickets are ready, and they will be leaving for London in the next 24 hours. The completion of the fere is announced by the Pandit, and everyone starts celebrating.

Pandit asks Saransh to put the Mangalsutra on Maitree’s neck, which he does successfully along with completing other wedding customs. Vasundhara gives money to the Pandit for Maitree and her brother calls for gifts for the couple. Vasundhara believes that the union of the two families will result in destruction. Vasundhara congratulates Maitree and Saransh and presents them with gifts, which everyone applauds.


Vasundhara threatens Ashish that he will lose his case and she will ruin his career. Ashish declares that he will always support the truth and wishes her luck.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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