Maitree 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish gets a negative vibe

Maitree 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vasundhara embraces Nandu, who becomes uncomfortable. Dinesh mentions that their relationship is healing. Nandu requests an apology from Vasundhara and insults her. Ashish apologizes to Vasundhara and mentions his love for Nandu. Vasundhara threatens to destroy Ashish’s career. Ashish promises to fight against evil and win the case. Nandu eavesdrops on Vasundhara and Ashish’s conversation.

Maitree’s farewell after the wedding. Maitree’s parents become emotional and remember joyous moments with her. Maitree hugs her family members and they become emotional. Ashish consoles them by reminding them she is going to her new home. Dinesh advises Maitree to never argue with elders in her new home. Sona reminds them not to miss the muhrat. Maitree says goodbye and leaves in the car.

Vasundhara is returning home and thinking about her interaction with Ashish. Vasundhara’s brother informs her that nothing significant happened today. Vasundhara expresses that she is waiting for the right moment.

Maitree and Saransh arrive at their new home, where Sona welcomes them with a kalash ceremony. Maitree kicks the kalash and takes her first step into the house, which is celebrated by everyone. Sona invites everyone for a “muh dikhai” event the next day. Ashish is thinking about Vasundhara’s words and Nandu tells him to forget about it. Sona prays to God for Maitree and Saransh’s better life, and everyone chants God’s name. Maitree also prays to God.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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