Maitree 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sona postpones Saransh-Maitree’s suhagrat

Maitree 19th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Saransh gave Maitree tickets to London as a gift. Maitree is happy but admits she doesn’t know Saransh well. Saransh congratulated Maitree when he entered the room. Saransh politely took Maitree’s hand. The trip is to London. The scene takes place in Saransh’s decorated room.

Om gives Kusum a rose on a romantic day. Kusum asks Om why he gave her the rose, and he says it’s because of the weather. Om embraces Kusum and tells her that he retired to spend more time with her. Kusum jokes that Om will never change his flirtatious ways, even though he’s going to be a grandfather. Sona enters the room and Om and Kusum become nervous. Sona is frustrated about unholy events at Maitree’s wedding and blames Nandu for dancing. Om and Kusum defend Nandu, saying it was necessary to take her to the hospital.

Maitree reminisces about her parents and Ashish and Nandu, thinking they were great couples. She decides to find a husband like them to share her life with. Saransh believes Maitree is overthinking and doesn’t know his real intentions. Saransh challenges Maitree to change her list of ideal couples and strives to become the best couple in the world with her.

Sona plans to take action regarding the unholy events that happened at Maitree’s wedding and shares her intentions with Om and Kusum. Maitree expresses her desire for both her and Saransh to be successful in their careers and to celebrate life. She wants them to be a great example for their children. Saransh smiles and embraces Maitree, but they are interrupted by Ashish and Nandu’s arrival.

Om wonders why they should worry about the wedding being over, as he claims it is. Sona promises to speak with Pandit to find a solution to the recent unlucky events at Maitree’s wedding. Nandu and Ashish offer dry fruits and milk to everyone. Sona announces that the Suhaagrat has been postponed, and Maitree must visit the temple the next day to meet with Pandit and perform a Pooja as an atonement for the unfortunate events. Sona gives Maitree a saree to wear for the temple visit, which she agrees to. Sona requests that Nandu and Ashish visit the temple to receive blessings for their unborn child. Nandu invites Maitree to spend the night with her, and their bond is not influenced by Sona.

Nandu gives Maitree a fresh saree to wear. Nandu suggests they enjoy a mini-picnic the next day. Maitree agrees and they both go to sleep.

Maitree wakes up the next morning and gets ready in the saree given by Sona. She prays to God and later Nandu comes looking for her. In the temple, Nandu notices that Maitree is wearing Sona’s gift saree instead of the one she gave. She questions her about it, but Maitree explains that everyone in the family is important to her and she wants to make everyone happy. Maitree tells Nandu that she has new responsibilities as Sona’s daughter-in-law and is going to the temple for her. When Sona hears this, she is delighted. Maitree then seeks Sona’s blessing and apologizes for any inconvenience caused during their wedding. Sona compliments Maitree and tells her that she looks nice in the saree.

Vasundhara’s drug cases are ready to be filed. Vasundhara requests all cases to be filed today. Vasundhara’s brother inquires about her haste. Vasundhara refuses her brother’s instruction, claims Ashish won’t be aware. Vasundhara’s brother commends her strategy. Vasundhara asks her brother to make lemon tea for Nandu. Nandu won’t have a say in Saransh’s sentence, Vasundhara will prove Ashish’s involvement.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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