Maitree 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini slips into a coma

Maitree 22nd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ashish feels responsible for Nandu, Baby, and Saransh’s situation. Maitree reassures Ashish that it’s not his fault and the baby will be okay. Ashish believes that nothing bad will happen to Nandu, Baby, or Saransh. Saransh regained consciousness and discussed the honeymoon trip with Maitree. Ashish asks about Saransh’s whereabouts and Maitree says he underwent tests. Ashish requests that their family be informed of their situation. There is a survey whose results are not related to the previous context.

Nandu calls Om and Sona, but they don’t answer, so she calls the house phone. Dinesh answers the phone and Maitree tells him about the accident and their situation. Dinesh hangs up, and a nurse arrives to take Maitree to the maternity ward. Sona asks Dinesh what happened, and he says the kids were in an accident. Everyone panics and runs away in fear.

Maitree hurries to Nandu’s room and is delighted to see her with the baby. The doctor congratulates them, announcing it’s a boy. Nandu happily gives Ashish permission to pick up their son. Ashish takes the baby with joy and thanks Nandu for the best gift of his life. Maitree takes the baby and he calls her “Maa”. Maitree informs Nandu and Ashish that the baby recognizes her, and they smile. Maitree puts the baby to sleep next to Nandu.

Agitated family members arrive at the maternity ward and are relieved that everyone is healthy and there is a new grandson. Sona blesses the baby and asks Om to protect him from the evil eye. Sona asks about Nandu’s well-being and she says she is fine. Sona sends Sachin to get some candy and asks about her son’s whereabouts. Maitree says he went for an MRI. Sona leaves to see her son.

Nandu has a seizure and sees blood pouring from her head. The doctor informs them that Nandu is in a coma due to low blood pressure and needs more B- blood to survive. Om asks Ashish to contact Vasundhara for help. Ashish calls Vasundhara from Dinesh’s phone but she doesn’t answer. Dinesh informs Ashish that Maitree’s blood group is also B-.

Maitree and Sona are looking for Saransh and inquire about his whereabouts with the ward boy. Saransh has internal bleeding and requires immediate surgery. Saransh changes the blood sample and notices blood dripping from his nose. He flees upon seeing the approaching cops. Sona and Maitree notice Saransh missing from the canteen and search for him. Ashish looks for Maitree and is informed of Saransh’s condition. He assures Sona to find Saransh. Ashish finds Saransh and calls him, but Saransh collapses in his arms and is taken to the operating room. The search for B- blood for Nandu continues, and Vasundhara has not answered Ashish’s call.


Maitree is worried about Saransh and becomes suspicious when Ashish remains silent, while Saransh’s body is seen draped with a cloth.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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