Maitree 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vasundhara calls Dr.Bakshi for Nandini’s treatment

Maitree 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Sona has returned home with her family. Maitree reflects on her time with Saransh as she enters the house and bursts into tears. On-call Ashish requests a doctor to check on his wife. The doctor declines to come and advises to contact him online. The doctor informs Dinesh of the situation.

Vasundhara and her brother arrive at the hospital and question Ashish about not informing them of Nandini’s accident. Ashish explains that he called them for blood transfusion, but they didn’t answer. Vasundhara asks about Nandini’s condition and learns that she is in a coma. Vasundhara calls India’s best critical care physician, Dr. Bakshi, to help her daughter and he agrees. Vasundhara kisses her daughter on the cheek and Ashish introduces their child, who is healthy.

Dr. Bakshi arrives and requests to see Nandini. Vasundhara takes Dr. Bakshi to her daughter. The nurse informs Ashish that they can take Saransh’s body since postpartum is complete. Ashish bursts into tears. Dinesh reassures him.

Maitree enters her room and notices the first night decorations, reflecting on how much has changed. She is dressed in a light color. Maitree visits Nandini’s room and expresses missing her during this difficult time. Maitree calls Ashish to inquire about Nandini’s health. Ashish assures Maitree that the best doctor is treating Nandini and apologizes for not being there for her. Maitree encourages Ashish to keep the baby close to Nandini and not to give up hope. Maitree promises to be strong for Ashish and hangs up the phone.

Ashish takes the baby boy close to Nandini. Vasundhara questions why Ashish would bring the baby close to Nandini, potentially disturbing her. Ashish believes Nandini may recover quickly if the baby is nearby. Dr. Bakshi informs Vasundhara that Ashish is correct and asks them to wait outside while he checks on Nandini. Ashish wishes Nandini a speedy recovery.

The ladies feel bad for Sona after 4 days. Nandini makes coffee for the ladies, amusing them. Sachin asks his mother if they can bring Maitree with them. Maitree returns home to her mother, who begs her to remain strong. The ladies speculate that Maitree is unlucky and could be Manglik, which they believe caused her son’s death. They inquire about Madan, Maitree’s husband. Sona observes.

Vasundhara blames Ashish for Nandini’s condition. Dr. Bakshi informs Vasundhara that Nandini is responding to medication, but her recovery time is unpredictable. Ashish regrets letting Saransh drive the car and blames himself for the accident. Vasundhara questions Ashish about allowing a drug addict to drive a car with a pregnant woman in it. Ashish is surprised by Vasundhara’s question. Nandini is unable to see anyone, but Ashish tells Vasundhara that Nandini would be happy to see them together. Vasundhara tells Ashish to stop playing sympathy cards.

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