Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sona Humiliates Maitree

Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vasundhara questions Ashish about allowing Saransh, a drug addict, to drive a car with a pregnant woman in it. Maitree answers Landline’s call. Madan inquires about the conference call participants. Maitree claims to be Saransh’s wife and Madan claims to be his father. Madan asks Maitree to accept the reality of death. Maitree offers to call Sona, but Madan declines and tells her to inform Sona that he will pray for Saransh’s soul peace, but will not be returning home. Madan hangs up on Maitree.

Vasundhara accuses Ashish’s brother of being a drug addict. Ashish warns her not to accuse his brother. Vasundhara threatens to imprison Ashish for allowing a druggie to drive the car. Dinesh advises Ashish not to take Vasundhara’s words too seriously. The nurse informs Ashish about something as the gynaecologist refers to her.

Maitree informs Sona that her father called on the landline and tells her that he won’t be returning. Sona asks why Maitree didn’t force her to speak with her husband. Maitree claims her husband disagreed. Sona says she is ending her marriage to her husband today and feels that no one understands her pain. Om intervenes as Sona sobs and expresses her feelings about Maitree’s behavior.

The doctor informs Ashish that the baby is fine and they can take him home. Ashish receives the baby from the nurse but is unable to handle him, so the nurse takes him back. The doctor requests that Ashish bring a lady from the house to care for the baby. The doctor states that if the baby looks like his mother, they will give him to Ashish, but until then, he cannot take him.

Sona requests Maitree to wear white clothes as a widow, but Maitree’s mother explains that she doesn’t have a white saree. Sona takes a white blanket and wraps it around Maitree, saying she must wear it for the rest of her life as Saransh’s widow. Ashish stops Sona’s hand and warns her that mistreating Maitree won’t bring Saransh back. Sona calls Maitree unlucky and blames her for Saransh’s death. Dinesh warns Sona not to mistreat his daughter and threatens to take her away from Saransh’s house. Maitree refuses to leave Saransh’s house, even when her father summons her. Sona and Dinesh have a disagreement over how Maitree should dress and be treated as Saransh’s widow.


Maitree is crying and missing Nandini, saying she needs her to complete their game. Nandini is unconscious in the hospital and remembers the accident. Nandini’s heartbeat exceeds, and the nurse becomes scared. Maitree is sitting in her room, waiting for Nandini to return.

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