Maitree 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish gets the news about betterment in Nandini’s condition

Maitree 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Sona requests Maitree to leave their home. Dinesh invites Maitree to accompany him, but she refuses. Maitree claims that she cannot leave as she has responsibilities as Sona’s daughter-in-law. Dinesh is pleased with Maitree and tells her that he will come to see her every day. Dinesh values Maitree’s respect over what others say. Maitree agrees to leave with Dinesh if she cannot stay. Maitree requests Sachin to get her white saree before running inside.

Maitree dislikes white but changes into a white saree. She sobs as she sees her mehendi and tries to remove it, but it won’t come off. Maitree tears up while looking through her wedding album and reminiscing about her time with Saransh. She states that she is waiting for her friend to return. Nandini shows signs of consciousness by moving her finger. The nurse notices and requests that Nandini respond if she can hear her.

Ashish questions Maitree about wearing a white saree and promises to talk to Sona. Maitree suggests going to the hospital and bringing a good songs album for Nandini. Ashish believes Nandini will not like seeing Maitree in white. Maitree explains that wearing white is a sign of respect for elders and that a new painting will be done on it. Bakshi informs Ashish that Nandini has begun to recover and that he wasn’t present at the hospital. Ashish promises to go to the hospital and tells Maitree that he will inform everyone of the news. They proceed downstairs.

Kusum is saddened to see Maitree dressed in a white saree and expresses regret. Maitree states that the truth cannot be changed and that Ashish has good news to deliver. Ashish reports that they can bring the baby home and that Nandini has begun to recover. They embrace Ashish with joy, and Maitree invites them to join her in a hug. Kusum agrees to accompany Ashish to the baby’s home but has an asthma attack. Om claims that Kusum is incapable of caring for the baby and that they should hire a babysitter. Maitree declares that she will be responsible for the baby as his Maasi.


Ashish tells Maitree to follow him. Sona interrupts and informs Maitree that she cannot leave the house before the 13th day of Saransh’s death. Vasundhara orders to bring 1 lakh rupees. There are proofs present in the same hospital where Saransh died, and Vasundhara wants those evidence.

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