Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kusum lands in trouble

Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Maitree announces she will be the baby’s maasi to Ashish and his parents. Ashish wonders how she can do it, but Maitree claims she can because she cares for her brother. Maitree promises to learn how to take care of the baby and become like Yashoda maa to Nandini’s child. Kusum sneezes and Maitree goes to find water. Om believes Maitree may forget her pain while caring for the baby. Ashish expresses gratitude to Maitree and invites her to accompany him. Kusum says Maitree cannot leave the house until the 13th day after Saransh’s death, but Maitree promises to persuade Sona to agree.

Maitree, Ashish, and Kusum approach Sona’s room and notice her in pain. Kusum suggests they leave without informing Sona, claiming she won’t agree, and promises to manage her sister. Ashish invites Maitree to come with him, and Sona informs Maitree she can’t leave until the 13th day after Saransh’s death. Kusum asks Maitree for flowers for puja, but Sona reminds them they can’t do puja at home. Ashish tells Sona he will be visiting the hospital and asks him to look after Nandini and the baby. Kusum gives Sona a sleeping tablet in her tea to help her sleep for three hours. Maitree leaves to bring Chotu Tiwari items while Kusum manages Sona.

Ashish reminisces about sharing Nandini’s pregnancy news with Maitree, who waits in the car with the baby’s belongings. Maitree notices Ashish’s disorientation and asks what’s wrong, but he remains silent and starts the car. Vasundhara watches CCTV footage repeatedly, and her brother questions her about it. Vasundhara instructs her brother to retrieve one lakh rupees from the locker to get proofs from the hospital where Saransh died to teach Ashish a lesson.

Maitree observes nature, while Kusum offers tea to Sona, who declines it. Ashish apologizes to Maitree on Sona’s behalf and encourages her to move on. Maitree expresses sympathy for Sona’s suffering. Sona asks Kusum to call Maitree for work, while Ashish invites Maitree to his house. Ashish shares how their dreams were shattered in an instant with Maitree. Sona finally takes a sip of tea and criticizes Kusum for not calling Maitree, prompting her to call Maitree herself.


Maitree puts a holy thread on Ashish’s wrist to aid in Nandini’s recovery. Maitree suggests they bring Nandini’s baby with them to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor tells Maitree and Ashish they cannot handle the baby as they lack experience and must wait for Nandini to regain consciousness. Maitree and Ashish are surprised by the doctor’s decision.

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