Maitree 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 9th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Following Maitree’s suggestion, Vasundhara asks her to leave Tiwari’s house and requests the baby. Maitree hesitates, and Sona threatens to burn Vasundhara with a torch. Ashish intervenes, and Om tries to calm Sona down. Vasundhara sees her brother recording the scene and informs everyone that Sona is mentally ill, and her daughter and grandson are not doing well in the house. Ashish argues that it is illegal for Vasundhara to take his wife and child. Vasundhara shows court orders that she obtained, promising to clear all doubts. Ashish insists that they settle this in court and asks her to leave.

Vasundhara refuses to leave until her work is completed and claims that she came prepared. The police arrive, and Vasundhara’s brother shows them the video of Sona’s attempt to burn her. Princy asks Raj Kumar for money, and he gives it to her, promising to become like Vasundhara one day. Vasundhara tells the police that Dcp Dinesh is a witness to the attack, and they ask for his opinion. Dinesh says they can’t take action until Vasundhara files an official complaint, which she agrees to do, and requests Sona’s arrest for attempted murder.

Sona is taken aback when she is arrested, and Vasundhara asks Ashish to let her take Nandini and the baby to save Sona from a murder charge. Ashish is torn and remains silent, and Vasundhara interprets his silence as acceptance. Sona warns Ashish not to allow his baby to leave the house, and he promises to bring them back soon. Dinesh confirms that the house is unsafe for Nandini and the baby, and Maitree reluctantly hands over the baby to Vasundhara. Vasundhara asks her sister-in-law to take care of the baby and leaves to fetch Nandini.

Vasundhara packs Nandini’s belongings and tells Ashish that she will not forgive him and that he should prepare to accept defeat in court. Nandini is transferred to the hospital, and Vasundhara shatters a photo frame of Nandini, Ashish, and Maitree. Maitree leaves Tiwari’s house with her parents, and Ashish vows to get proof for her. Nandini wakes up, and Vasundhara ecstatically asks her to call her “mother.”

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