Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet provokes Shagun and Imarti

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Raj and Babita want to leave. Meet will drop them outside. Gunwanti thinks Meet’s behavior has changed drastically. Imarti thinks Jasodha has changed as well. Jasodha says she was being sat on. Manmeet thinks someone is trying to take documents. Manmeet will not let them do it. Meet’s behavior is being questioned by Gunwanti. Imarti is unsure about Meet but is certain about Jasodha’s change. Jasodha says she was not at fault because she was being sat on. Manmeet is aware of the situation and is determined to protect the documents.

Meet, Raj and Babita are outside Sarkar’s palace. Meet believes Manmeet betrayed them and plans to take revenge. Raj has faith in Meet’s ability to stand up to Sarkar. Babita believes it will be difficult but trusts in Meet’s resolve. Meet promises to not step back and work towards freedom for all women in the village . Babita shows her concern and offers comfort through a hug. Raj and Babita leave. Meet is determined to make her husband’s dream come true. Meet’s goal is to bring freedom to all women in the village from Sarkar. Babita is worried for Meet’s safety and shows her support through a hug. Raj and Babita believe in Meet’s ability to face Sarkar and stand up for herself

Meet walks into Sarkar’s palace. Sarkar has strict rules for those living in the palace, including obedience to one’s husband. Meet agrees to the rules and is welcomed to the palace. Manmeet asks Meet to help Shagun prepare for her wedding. The concept of a second marriage is common in Sarkarpur. Meet is asked to assist with the preparation and is considering the request.

Manmeet gives Meet an ultimatum to either say yes to the second marriage or leave the house. Meet agrees to the second marriage, but with a mocking attitude. Meet thinks Manmeet will play dirty games and is prepared to stop him from marrying Shagun. Meet takes on the responsibility of preparing Shagun for the wedding. Jasodha says Manmeet will never take Meet as his wife because he loves Shagun. Meet points out that Manmeet’s name, “Manmeet,” already carries her name. Meet takes Shagun to help prepare for the wedding.

Meet is ready to get married to Shagun in order to help Manmeet, even though she is aware that Manmeet does not love her and is in love with Shagun. Manmeet says that he wants Meet to help Shagun get ready for the wedding.. Meet is determined to carry out the wedding rituals as required by Sarkar’s palace. Shagun is jealous of Meet and thinks that Manmeet will never love her. Meet is aware of Shagun’s jealousy but believes that it will ultimately lead to the breakdown of Shagun and Manmeet’s relationship.

Sarkar and Jasodha are in a room together. Sarkar expresses confusion about Jasodha’s plans. Jasodha reveals her desire for revenge against Meet. Jasodha tries to take an oath, but Sarkar stops her, mentioning they are still paying for an earlier one. Manmeet enters the room, comforts Jasodha and assures her that they will take revenge against Meet. Manmeet mentions that he is bringing his wife Shagun.

Meet made a face pack for Shagun. Shagun’s face was ruined by black paint. Manmeet comes in between and holds Meet’s hand. Manmeet asks Meet what she is doing and if she has mixed anything in the face pack. Meet assures Manmeet that she has mixed nothing in the face pack. Manmeet applies the face pack on Meet’s face. Manmeet asks Meet to wipe her face to know the reality about the face pack.

Meet wipes her face and asks Manmeet if she looks beautiful. Manmeet walks away. Meet teases Shagun about a bet Manmeet had with his brothers and that she is his first wife. Shagun throws the face pack offered by Meet. Imarti is working nearby. Meet says Imarti is still a second wife who doesn’t have love and rights. Shagun tells Meet to stop talking nonsense and walks away.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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