Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda’s plan flops

Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Manmeet is in his room and has a memory about a person named Meet. Manmeet’s sister walks in and accidentally drops a perfume bottle. Manmeet’s sister apologizes for breaking the bottle, but Manmeet says it’s not a big deal. Manmeet’s sister mentions that other men in the house would have scolded or hit her for breaking the bottle. Manmeet challenges his sisters by asking how they would handle someone disrespecting their father or mother. Manmeet says he will protect his sisters from harm and is happy to have love from his family after 25 years away. Manmeet walks out of the room. Manmeet and his sisters have a conversation about the behavior of men in the house towards women. The sisters mention that some men in the house would have reacted violently towards a woman who broke a bottle. Manmeet challenges his sisters by asking them how they would handle someone disrespecting their father or mother in the future. Manmeet expresses his love for his family and his desire to protect them from harm. The conversation highlights the difference between Manmeet’s behavior and that of other men in the house towards women.

Meet takes Manmeet to hide and tells him that Shagun is saying something about him that he should not hear. Manmeet wants to talk to Shagun in person, but Meet stops him from entering the room. Manmeet watches as Gunwanti helps Shagun change clothes. Shagun expresses her fear of being treated poorly as a second daughter-in-law in the house. Gunwanti accidentally tears Shagun’s dress. Manmeet is in shock after witnessing the situation. Gunwanti tries to calm the situation down.

Meet stops Manmeet from talking to Shagun because she believes Shagun will say no and it will make Manmeet angry. Meet wants to show Manmeet everything so that he doesn’t accuse her of anything in the future. Meet tries to keep her hand on Manmeet’s chest, but he removes it. Meet tells Manmeet that she can handle the situation and he can leave.

Mahandra on call. Manmeet asks Mahandra to get alcohol. Mahandra agrees and leaves.

Meet walks to Gunwanti and Shagun. Manmeet sees Meet and Gunwanti talking and assumes that they are trying to break his marriage. Manmeet thinks he is smart and won’t let that happen. Meet sees Manmeet looking at her and thinks she won’t let him marry Shagun until she gets the documents and she won’t leave until then.

Jasodha observes Meet working on the marriage arrangements. Jasodha tells Sundari that nobody has worked like Meet and thinks she is planning something. Manmeet sits beside Jasodha and assures her that he knows how to handle Meet and then leaves. Jasodha thinks about sending Meet away before the marriage to help Manmeet relax and enjoy his marriage.

asodha and Gunwanti lock Meet in a store room. Meet runs into Manmeet inside the store room. Manmeet denies buying the earrings for Shagun. Meet accuses Jasodha and Gunwanti of lying to her. Manmeet is shouting for someone to open the door.

Gunwanti is concerned about not being able to find Manmeet. Jasodha asks Gunwanti to look for Manmeet. Panditji is calling for Manmeet.

Manmeet and Meet are having a conversation. Manmeet mentions that his mother made a plan to prevent him from attending Meet’s marriage. Manmeet is searching for something to open the door. Manmeet finds a box and thinks it could be used to grab everyone’s attention. Meet is scared of the contents of the box, which are firecrackers. Manmeet lights a matchstick and throws it into the box, causing the firecrackers to start bursting. Meet becomes scared and hugs Manmeet tightly.

Jasodha and her daughter-in-law find Manmeet and Meet together in a room. The discovery shocks everyone. Imarti makes fun of the situation. Manmeet walks out of the room. Jasodha asks Meet how she got inside the room. Manmeet says he was left inside because of Jasodha and walks away. Meet says that Manmeet told her he didn’t buy anything for Shagun, and that Jasodha is facing memory loss due to her age. Meet also mentions that as Manmeet’s first wife, she took care of all the arrangements for his second marriage.

Mahandra gives alcohol to Manmeet. They sit together. Manmeet mixes alcohol into juice. Manmeet thinks he’ll see how Meet can stop his marriage. Meet asks the Panditji where the groom should sit. The Panditji tells her the location and then leaves.

Shagun remembers what Meet said about being a second wife. Meet tells Manmeet that she is not ready for the marriage. Manmeet tries to cheer Shagun up and asks Meet to tie a payal on her leg. Meet helps Shagun wear the payal. Gunwanti walks in with juice and offers some to Meet. Manmeet gives Meet lipstick to apply on Shagun’s lips and leaves. Meet applies lipstick on Shagun’s lips and drinks a glass of juice. Gunwanti takes the glass from Shagun and says it contains too much ice and will make her sick. Jasodha asks to bring the bride downstairs. Meet encourages Shagun to drink the other glass of juice. Gunwanti says to drink it quickly and come downstairs. Shagun drinks the whole glass of juice.

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