Meet 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet devises his next plan

Meet 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Manmeet and Shagun are at the market when Shagun accuses Manmeet of giving her false promises. She is upset because Manmeet allowed Meet to win a wrestling match, which means that Meet will not have to leave the house. Manmeet tells Shagun that Meet did not win the match, but Shagun is still upset and worried that Meet will not let them get married. Manmeet sees Inspector Bhati through the rearview mirror and tells Shagun that he knows how to turn the tables. He promises to do something big on Holi that will make things even with Meet. Meanwhile, Inspector Bhati worries about Manmeet’s plan and decides to warn Meet about Manmeet’s intentions.

Imarti shows Sarkar evidence that Jasodha cheated on him by giving Meet papers with Manmeet’s signature. Imarti also shows Sarkar a video of Meet returning the papers to Jasodha and saying that he no longer needs them. Jasodha tells Sarkar that she has thrown away all the evidence against her. Imarti asks Sarkar if he will be able to punish his wife. Sarkar shouts at Imarti and tells her to leave. Sarkar is anxious and throws a photo of himself and Jasodha in anger.

Chanda is cleaning Meet’s wounds at her house when Inspector Bhati walks in to congratulate him. Bhati advises Meet to go back to Ahlawat’s house for a few days, but Meet insists on going back to Sarkar Palace. Bhati warns Meet that everyone hates him at Sarkar Palace, but Meet says that he has to fight and stay in that house. Meet asks Bhati to drop him off at Sarkar Palace.

Jasodha is anxious about Meet’s victory in the wrestling match and worries that Meet will become a permanent part of her son’s life. Gunwanti asks Jasodha if she is alright, and Jasodha tells her that she is worried about how Sarkar will handle the news.

Manmeet tells Sarkar that he has a plan to give Shagun a divorce by proving that she is having an affair with Inspector Bhati. Manmeet says that he will prove it in court after Holi when Shagun is lost in the celebrations. Jasodha and Gunwanti walk in, and Sarkar tells them that he is not angry at Meet because he won the match. Sarkar praises Meet and says that a real man knows how to punish those who are at fault. Manmeet tells Gunwanti that Shagun will soon be his wife, and he and Sarkar have planned something big for Holi. Jasodha offers to handle the arrangements, and Sarkar agrees.

In summary, the story follows Manmeet and Shagun’s relationship, the fallout from Meet’s victory in the wrestling match, and the complex relationships between the characters. The story ends on a cliffhanger, with everyone preparing for Holi and the possibility of Manmeet’s plan to prove Shagun’s infidelity.

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