Meet 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update : Meet, Sp bhati join hands

Meet 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Narendra’s wife approaches Meet and warns him not to let his husband marry someone else. Jasodha calls out to others and walks up to Meet with a box. The box contains a hanky, given to Meet as a token of comfort for when her husband marries someone else. Meet takes the hanky and expresses gratitude for the gift. This is the first time Jasodha has given a gift to Meet.

Manmeet helps Shagun to sit down at the mandap and scolds Meet for staring at her. Meet pretends to be drunk to disrupt the wedding. Jasodha says Meet is hurt because her husband is getting married. Meet applies glue on the groom’s stool, causing Manmeet to struggle to stand up and tear his pants. Meet gives Manmeet the hanky from Jasodha and he leaves the ceremony. Manmeet scolds the pandit for not chanting and tries to get up for the pehra but is unable to. The crowd makes fun of Manmeet’s struggle to stand up and he eventually sits down.

The Inspector stops the wedding claiming it is illegal to have two marriages. Meet is accused of calling the inspector and the complaint is said to have come from Shagun. Meet reveals that she has interfered by applying glue in Shagun’s lipstick to prevent her from speaking. Meet reveals that her intention was to teach them a lesson.

Manmeet shouts at Shagun and demands that she speak. Inspector Bhati states that forcing Shagun to marry, giving her alcohol, and sealing her lips constitutes a crime. Mahendra and Gunwanti claim they are not forcing Shagun. Inspector asks a female constable to take Shagun away.Manmeet accuses Shagun of wasting money on makeup instead of using it to improve her intellect.

Meet walks to Manmeet and tells him that Shagun does not want to marry him. Manmeet becomes angry with Meet and accuses him of wrongdoing. Manmeet threatens to ruin Meet’s life if he does not leave. Manmeet physically assaults Meet and breaks her bangles. Manmeet accuses Meet of being there to obtain documents and pushes her away. Meet thinks she is willing to endure insults for her husband Meet Ahlawat. Meet recalls her husband’s dream of building a factory.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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