Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Big Twists

Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Meet was in the kitchen looking for water when she heard something fall. She asked who was there, and someone disguised as Meet ran away. While running away, the disguised person made Meet fall near the main gate. Meet held the person’s leg to stop them, but they kicked her and escaped. When Meet returned to the hall, everyone was standing there. Jasodha asked what happened, and Meet explained that she saw a man coming downstairs. Meet noticed that the person had small feet and realized it might not have been a man.

Anuja meets her mother in her room and they discuss her upcoming sex change operation. Her mother assures her that nobody will find out and they need to keep it a secret until everything is normal. They both discuss how society is still fighting for freedom despite progress. Anuja plans to undergo the operation soon so that her family won’t face any trouble, and they can move to the luxury side of the house. Her mother gives her blessings and reminds her to keep everything a secret. Anuja mentions that Sarkar Tauji has called everyone for a meeting the next day.

Meet is sitting in her room, and Manmeet is standing at the door, remembering their time together last night. He thinks Meet is possessed again and cautiously approaches her. When he touches her, Meet starts shouting and laughing, scaring Manmeet. Manmeet asks if she’s gone mad, and Meet mocks him, saying he looks like Yamraj came to take him. Meet talks about how men are difficult to understand and lack emotions, but she still remembers wrestling with him and carrying a 200kg Shivling. She believes that women can mold themselves according to their partners and be soft or hard as needed. Meet walks away, leaving Manmeet behind.

Meet is sitting outside the house, planning to scare Shagun. Anuja walks inside the house, and Meet stops her to ask about her class. Anuja is hesitant to talk to Meet as she fears Jasodha’s punishment. Manmeet is resting in the arena when Shagun walks in and asks if she’s thinking about Meet. Manmeet tries to speak, but Shagun reassures her that everyone is waiting for Meet to leave and it’s not her fault. Shagun acknowledges Meet’s sharpness but believes she is nothing in front of Manmeet. Manmeet invites Shagun to see that Meet is just an ordinary girl.

Anuja tells Meet that Meghna Deedee was punished severely, and Meet is shocked and asks why. Anuja doesn’t want to talk to Meet because of the trouble she could be in for what happened the previous night. Anuja removes her sandals and walks away, leaving Meet confused. Meet notices that the size of Anuja’s sandals is 5, which matches the size of the boy’s shoes she saw last night, but she is puzzled as to how they could belong to Anuja.

Everyone was gathered in the hall, and Sarkar asked if everyone was present. Meet walked in, and Sarkar asked about the unknown person she had brought with her. Jasodha shouted at everyone to answer Sarkar’s question, and no one did. Jasodha then looked at Imarti, who said that she was pregnant with Narendra’s baby and that it couldn’t be her. Sarkar said that if no one answered, they would be punished. Jasodha said that she knew what punishment to give and walked over to Imarti, saying that she was out because she was pregnant. Jasodha then gave Anuja, Meghna, their mother, and Sapna one more chance to speak up or be in trouble. When no one spoke up, Jasodha ordered the four of them to climb the stairs and get down 100 times as punishment. Meet noticed that Sapna was pregnant and worried for her. Narendra questioned why everyone was being punished when the man came to meet only one of them. Jasodha shouted at everyone and ordered them to begin their punishment while keeping count. Meet spoke up and said that she had misunderstood someone as she was sleepy and apologised. Sarkar told Meet to keep her eyes open next time and walked away. Jasodha gave Meet a look and told everyone to get back to work.

Sapna is in her room massaging her legs when Narendra starts massaging them for her. Sapna asks him to stop and remove his hand. Narendra tells her that he is unable to protect her and that it was Meet who handled the situation. Sapna agrees and says that nothing bad can happen to good people. Narendra replies that he believes that, but Meet will lose in Sarkarpur. Sapna tells him that she always prays for Meet to win the wrestling match.

Later, Jasodha confronts Meet and accuses her of lying. Meet responds by saying that she doesn’t want to answer a woman who doesn’t understand the pain of other women.

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