Mere Sai 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Barat arrives at Dwarka Mai for a wedding celebration Shiv Shankar and Malini welcome Barat and his family Shiv Shankar asks Malini to get Rajo for rituals Naresh’s father compliments Shiv Shankar on the arrangements made in a short time Sai walks in and gives credit to someone else for the arrangements The text involves a wedding celebration and the arrival of Barat, with Shiv Shankar and Malini welcoming the family and making arrangements, including calling Rajo for the rituals.

Sandhya expressed gratitude towards Sai for fulfilling her wish of having her wedding in Shirdi. Sai attributed the fulfillment of Sandhya’s wish to God’s will. Sandhya acknowledged Sai as the one who resolves devotees’ problems. The conversation between Sandhya and Sai implies a strong belief in a higher power. The setting of the conversation is likely in or near Shirdi, a place of significance for devotees of Sai Baba. The conversation suggests a strong bond between Sandhya and Sai. The exchange highlights the significance of fulfilling wishes and resolving problems in the context of faith and devotion.

Naresh’s father inquires about who made the beautiful arrangements. Sai credits the work to Champaklal from their village. Sandhya knows Champaklal and is confident there will be no issues. Naresh and Naveen were classmates, and Naveen used to teach children in their village in his free time. Naresh’s father expresses surprise that Naveen could be arrested for theft. Naresh defends Naveen, saying he can’t believe he would steal.

Sai informs about Naveen being accused of robbery and currently in jail in Nagar. Naresh’s father disputes the accusation, citing Naveen and his family’s reputation for honesty. Sai suggests that if the accusation is not intentional, it must be a mistake.

Shiv Shankar reminds the group that it’s the wedding date and suggests they not discuss other matters. Sai interrupts Shiv Shankar and requests him to give bangles as a gift to Rajo on her behalf. Shiv Shankar is touched by the gesture and mentions the gift is priceless.

Malini helps Rajo get ready for her wedding. Malini reminds Rajo that her father is not her enemy and wants her to have a good future. Rajo expresses her faith in Sai and surrenders her fate to him. Shiv Shankar overhears Rajo’s statement.

Shiv Shankar mentions that Sai thinks it’s right. Shiv Shankar gives bangles to Rajo to wear. Rajo initially refuses, but Shiv Shankar insists. Shiv Shankar sees marks on Rajo’s hand. Shiv Shankar asks Rajo about the marks.

Rajo tried to commit suicide The reason for her suicide attempt was the news of her arranged marriage with someone other than her love interest, Naveen. Rajo loves Naveen. Shiv Shankar was informed of Rajo’s suicide attempt and the reason behind it. The text implies that the arranged marriage was not with Naveen. It is not clear if Rajo’s suicide attempt was successful or not. The text does not provide any additional context about the situation or the characters involved.

Baba wants Rajo to marry Naresh instead of Naveen. Rajo loves Naveen and doesn’t want to marry someone else. Naveen tells Rajo that Naresh is a good boy and she will live happily with him. Rajo believes marrying someone else will spoil everyone’s life and decides to die. Naveen tries to stop Rajo from committing suicide.

Naveen wants to talk to Shiv Shankar and convince him to agree to their relationship. Rajo and Naveen plan to live happily together if Shiv Shankar agrees. Rajo gives Naveen a Puran Poli, which Naveen loves, to show her affection. Rajo became upset after hearing about her arranged marriage. Naveen cares about Rajo’s well-being and tells her to take care of herself. Naveen plans to eat Puran Poli made by Rajo for the rest of his life. Naveen leaves after their conversation.

Rajo defends Naveen and believes he wouldn’t do something like that. Sai intervenes and makes Rajo realize that Naveen loves her. Rajo insists that she wants to marry Naveen. Shiv Shankar opposes the idea of Rajo and Naveen being together. Shiv Shankar thinks it’s a big mistake and insists on Rajo following his decisions. Shiv Shankar wants Rajo to leave with him.

Naresh starts performing rituals, and Rajo enters the room in tears. Rajo looks at Shiv Shankar with anger, possibly due to her arranged marriage. Panditji asks Rajo to stand in front of Naresh, indicating that the wedding rituals are about to begin. Shiv Shankar reflects on Champaklal’s help and Rajo’s unwillingness to marry. Shiv Shankar stops the wedding rituals and announces that the marriage cannot take place, which makes Rajo smile. Naresh’s father asks Shiv Shankar what’s wrong, and he apologizes for realizing his mistake too late. Shiv Shankar leaves the room without providing further explanation but says that Rajo cannot marry Naresh.

Sandhya asks Sai about the situation. Sai advises Sandhya to have faith and patience. Champaklal visits Sai at Dwarka Mai. Champaklal tells Sai that they are leaving for Nagar. Sai allows Champaklal to leave but says he has left something behind.


Maharaj was giving a pravachan, a spiritual discourse or sermon. A devotee asked for the meaning of a book, which Maharaj looked at but couldn’t understand. Maharaj was unsure of what to do next after being unable to provide the meaning.

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