“Mew Suppasit” opened her heart after MATCHA grabbed the music video player “CLOSER”, good chemistry through the screen!

For the latest song ” CL OSER” ( Clothes Off) of the pop fashion icon MATCHA (Matcha Mosimann) from the White Fox camp in the GMM Grammy network, the first slow song from EP2 ANGEL OGY in the style of Romantic POP with a musical style in R&B style is a slow song, with melody and chords that are distinctive, memorable and catchy, with instruments like the Prophet Synth delivering the hook perfectly. It’s a song about relationships. in the aspect that Sexy and seductive that two people have for each other.

This event has a hot and handsome guy like Mew Suphasit Jongcheweewat joining the show, considered Macha’s first MV hero ever!! Say that the picture is beautiful and the chemistry goes together perfectly, which after the release of the MV came out shortly. immediately trended on Twitter as well

By “Matcha” tells about this song that…. “For the song “CLOSER”, it’s very fun. It’s quite a new experience for me too. Because this song has P Mew Suphasit as the first protagonist, Officially the first person (smile) because there has never been a protagonist in each MV, every song in the past . Working with P Mew was very fun. Very cute and like Super Chill Super Fun. This song has a scene that I really like, which is the scene on the Sunset Drive. This scene looks very beautiful, like we are in a movie (smiles). CLOSER can listen to all platforms. And don’t miss watching this music video. Very beautiful and romantic picture at OfficialWhitemusic’s YouTu be Channel. And please follow IG: Matcha_cha and TikTok: Matcha_cc too, there will be a lot of content to see. Thank you.

As for Mew Suphasit, talking about becoming the hero of MATCHA’s first MV, saying…“Hello everyone. I’m the heroine of Nong Matcha’s MV. Be the first protagonist, yay! I’m excited, baby girl. for this MV I have to tell everyone that The plot is a bit complicated, which is very interesting . But it goes with the music, it goes with the music, probably like it. I would like to leave the MV of Nong Macha, the song “CLOSER” as well, and please come and watch this MV as well. Good, of course” (smiles)

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