Molkki 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: 1st Episode!

Molkki 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: A girl named Pooja makes idols of Devi Maa. She seeks blessings from her grandfather (dada ji) and believes her talent gives her strength. Pooja makes idols with love and intends to take them to the right hands. She runs out of red color and goes to the market to buy it. Her mother asks where she is going and Pooja tells her she’s going to the market to buy bindi color for Devi Maa. The keeper at the market gives Pooja Teej Pooja things as well. Pooja returns home with the red color for the idol.

Urmi is crying because people are coming to see her for molkki. Bhoomi is shocked and suggests keeping an idol of Maha dev to help Urmi. Urmi’s dad drags her away and confirms that it’s her molkki day. Bhoomi questions why this happens to girls and wishes for Urmi to be able to study. Urmi’s dad says they won’t let their daughters become molkki and wants to keep Bhoomi away from the trouble.

Scene 2: A girl named Urmi is brought to the village center and asked to walk. Madam Ji asks her name and declares her as “molkki” for the Thakurs. Urmi faints, and foam comes out of her mouth. Madam Ji instructs her man to call the doctor.

Bhoomi creates the idol for the festival. Bhoomi’s mother suggests doing a puja to find a good man for Bhoomi and her sister. Bhoomi hears that Urmi’s molkki has been stopped because she fell sick. The doctor determines that Urmi has been poisoned and takes action. Madam ji blames Urmi’s family for wasting her time and leaves in anger.

Pandit Ji assures someone not to worry and says they will soon find a pretty “molkki” who will be like a goddess. The person agrees to perform a pooja for Thakur and Pandit Ji suggests getting an idol from the village and doing pooja with it. Pandit Ji also suggests giving a silver coin to the river during the pooja for Thakur’s wedding.

Madam ji’s men take pictures of Bhoomi in the temple and plan to show them to her. Bhoomi’s dad confronts the men and warns them not to involve his daughter in the molkki practice. Sham, the man taking the pictures, deletes them and argues with Bhoomi’s dad about their cultural traditions. Sham makes a derogatory comment about girls, and Sham and Bhoomi’s dad get into a physical altercation. Sham’s wife intervenes and stops the fight, warning Sham not to look at their daughters.

Scene 3: Bhoomi and her sister come home, and Laddu gives them water. Bhoomi’s sister realizes she forgot to keep an idol and worries about their mother’s anger. Molkki decides to give the idol at the bus stand, and Bhoomi rushes to join her. Madam Ji calls Bhoomi’s home and asks them to prepare for the pooja. Bhoomi tries to cross the river and finds a coin, which she plans to return if someone lost it. Madam Ji’s car hits Bhoomi near the bus stand, and they both save the idol together. Madam Ji realizes that Bhoomi is the “molkki” bride she was searching for.


Madam ji makes a statement about the sun ruling the sky. Thakur arrives at the scene.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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