Molkki 2 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki 2 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Suraj’s car almost hits Bhoomi who crosses in front of it. Suraj expresses disbelief at Bhoomi’s actions and questions why he would do such a thing. Bhoomi requests Suraj’s assistance in moving his belongings to the shed. Another man warns that the path is closed, but Bhoomi insists that he knows a shortcut that passes by his shed. Suraj agrees to help and takes Bhoomi and his things in his car.

The session begins in court, and the judge inquires about Suraj’s whereabouts. Suraj and Bhoomi take a route that leads to Bhoomi’s dealer’s office instead of the court. Bhoomi sells her idols to the dealer, but they end up broken when they exit the office. Suraj confesses to breaking the idols to pressure Bhoomi into becoming his molkki. Bhoomi is upset and blames the person who dropped her off at the dealer’s office for breaking the idols.

Scene 2: Suraj and Nirma both attend the court hearing. Nirma admits to tearing up the papers and defying Sangram’s wishes. Nirma throws the torn papers in Suraj’s face and urges him not to follow Sangram’s orders. Reshma stops Sundar with laddus, and she offers him a ride, which he accepts. Sundar receives a call during the ride and expresses approval of Reshma’s actions. Bhoomi calls Neel and expresses regret over her behavior in front of the dealer. Neel assures Bhoomi that he has returned the advance payment and will find another dealer. Bhoomi receives a call from Mah, who reports that Laddu is missing.

Scene 3: Suraj and Nirma continue their conversation in court, and he shows her a picture of the girl who made him late. Nirma criticizes Suraj’s decision and mentions that the girl is a blessing to him. Sundar reports that Laddu is missing and receives a letter demanding the return of his father’s loan in exchange for Laddu’s release. The letter threatens to kill Laddu if the loan is not returned. Mahi and Bhoomi express their sadness over the broken idols, and Sundar reassures them that he will find Laddu. Bhoomi is left wondering what she should do in light of the recent events.

Suraj shows dadi the new ward in the village hospital and expresses his concern for the well-being of the people. Nirma warns Suraj that Sangram will kick everyone out and build factories if given too much power. Dadi forbids Suraj from helping Sangram in his schemes, to which he responds by saying that he will not be forced into the Molki marriage.

Sundar reveals that he has agreed to become Mani’s Molki to save Laddu. Bhoomi is upset with Sundar’s decision and takes responsibility for saving both Laddu and Mani.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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