Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi hides the truth from Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Seema thinks their temple is sweet. Satyavati’s temple is ancestral. Milapni Devi temple is different. Copper idols were placed in the temple. Hariprasad played mantras and blessed Satyavati’s house. Vidhi made tasty food, including sabudana khichdi and kesar pista milk. There will be a cooking competition between jethani and dewrani.

Vidhi visits Seema’s house to find money, but Seema tells her they have taken a loan for her marriage. Seema reminds Vidhi that she has returned her MBA fees to the family. Priya offers Vidhi her piggy bank, but Vidhi refuses to take it. Bimla offers to make something for Vidhi for Ekadashi. Dev scolds someone and tells them they can’t stay back anymore. Satyavati asks Vidhi to ask Priya about something. Priya suggests soaking sabudana for her khichdi. Vidhi comes to the shop to buy sabudana, but she doesn’t have any money.

Yogesh is holding the money and wants to keep it in petty cash. Kanika questions Yogesh’s loyalty to their friend Dev. Yogesh reminds Kanika of what they did to Arjun. Kanika believes Arjun will find a good partner. Yogesh plans to leave, and Kanika asks if he is going to Amba.

Vidhi thinks of Dev and misses him. Dev calls Vidhi and they talk about their day. Vidhi’s parents have brought idols for the temple. Dev expresses his love for Vidhi and asks about her well-being. Vidhi doesn’t reveal her concerns to Dev. Vidhi says good night to Dev. Dev is working late and can’t come home.


Satyavati, Mausi, and Mausa taste the food. Satyavati enjoys Vidhi’s food. Vidhi asks for permission to work. Satyavati becomes angry.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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