Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Satyavati turns down Vidhi’s request

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vidhi wants to make something for her family. Priya thinks the family won’t like the food. Mausi ji arrives and suggests using desi ghee instead of vanaspati ghee. Mausa ji wants sabudana khichdi and kesar pista milk, and suggests using vanaspati ghee for Vidhi to make it. Hariprasad asks Bimla if Vidhi can make the food. Bimla teases Hariprasad about their daughter’s marriage to Dev ji. In the Raichand house, desi ghee is preferred over vanaspati ghee.

Priya and Vidhi show their dishes to Satyavati, Damiyanti, and Mausa ji. Mausa ji teases Priya and they taste both dishes. Satyavati and Mausa ji prefer Vidhi’s khichdi over Priya’s for its taste. Vidhi expresses her desire to work and be independent. Satyavati refuses to allow Vidhi to break the family’s customs and work. Mausi ji describes Vidhi as clever and a winner of the challenge. Priya anticipates drama.

Vidhi feels upset and cries after Satyavati refuses to allow her to work. Satyavati apologizes to Vidhi and explains that the family’s customs prohibit women from working outside the home. Vidhi reveals that her parents are going through a financial crisis and she needed money for the cooking competition. Satyavati gives Vidhi money and offers to help but cannot grant her permission to work. Satyavati embraces Vidhi and tells her to keep the money for when she needs it.

Vidhi is afraid to sleep alone in her room and waits for Dev’s call. Vidhi asks Dev if he has any food and tells him to drink water as it’s hot where he is. Dev says he’s not used to someone taking care of him. Vidhi asks Dev to get used to it as he is married now. Dev jokes that Vidhi is becoming more like a Raichand. Vidhi asks Dev to come home.

Vidhi gives her jewelry box to Chitra as per the ritual. Satyavati reveals Chitra had come to tie Sehra to Dev. Satyavati couldn’t perform rituals due to Amba’s actions. Chitra couldn’t come due to Amba burning the card. Priya promises to unite Chitra with the house. Satyavati acknowledges Priya as the Lakshmi of the house.

Simmy doesn’t want to go to school today. Priya asks Simmy not to do any drama. Vidhi intervenes and suggests to hear Simmy’s problem. Priya emphasizes the importance of discipline for academic success. Priya mentions that not everyone gets to be a big shot.


Divya asks Vidhi to make tea and inquires about the Raichand family’s financial habits. Vidhi denies that the Raichands are miserly and goes to make the tea. Divya speaks to someone and mentions being in Dev’s room. Vidhi returns with the tea tray, catching Divya off guard.

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