Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update – Dev offers a helping hand

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Divya shows her ID cards, Visa and Passport with same signs. Dev apologizes to Divya, noticing the similarity. Yogesh asks Divya about initials and she plans to change signature. Dev performs aarti at Hariprasad’s house, expresses concern about their financial crisis. Dev offers business idea to Hariprasad, which he refuses. Dev tells Vidhi that she is looking good. Divya ties her shoe laces while Dev gets a call.

Vidhi thanks Dev for trying to help her parents. Dev respects Hariprasad’s self-respect. Vidhi asks Dev if she can do a job. Dev advises Vidhi to concentrate on MBA for now. Dev finds his folder in the room and asks why it’s there. Vidhi expresses a desire to hold Dev from behind, which he finds amusing.

Priya is writing a letter while Abhi listens to music. Priya is writing a script for a club night. Abhi jokes if Priya is writing a love letter. Priya says she’s getting distracted while writing. Abhi offers to help if it was about gym work.

Dev realizes a button is missing from his shirt, and Vidhi stitches it back on. Dev jokes about his heart getting punctured and finds it romantic. Dev receives a call from the inspector about Abhi being accused of beating up a gym trainer. Dev is upset and asks Vidhi if she knows Rakesh. Vidhi lies and asks Dev to focus on the blackmailer case. Abhi asks Priya to connect his phone to the TV, but Vidhi interrupts and asks Priya to come with her, while Abhi accuses her of playing games.

Priya discusses a problem with Vidhi about which she is hesitant to tell Abhi. Mausi is present at home, and Priya is worried about the surveillance. Abhi shows some photos to Priya, which shocks her.


Dev questions Vidhi about her interference and expresses his belief that nobody can come between him and Abhi. He also asks Vidhi if she has read his diary, and she hands it over to him.

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