Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta refuses to tell Chutki’s whereabouts

Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: The police arrest Shweta and take her in for questioning. Rishita, Dhara, and Suman anxiously wait for news about Chutki. Hours pass and the police finally inform them that Shweta has confessed to kidnapping Chutki and hiding her in a nearby abandoned building. The three women rush to the building, their hearts pounding with fear and hope.

As they enter the building, they call out Chutki’s name. After a few tense moments, they hear a weak voice calling out to them. They follow the sound to a small room where they find Chutki, weak and frightened, but alive. They immediately rush her to the hospital where she receives the necessary medical attention.

Chutki slowly recovers, and the police press charges against Shweta. The trial takes several months, but eventually, justice is served, and Shweta is sentenced to a long prison term for her crimes.

Rishita, Dhara, and Suman are overjoyed that Chutki is safe and sound. They vow to protect her and make sure she never has to go through such a traumatic experience again. They also realize the importance of supporting each other, no matter what the circumstances and their bond becomes even stronger.

The episode ends with Chutki playing with her friends, surrounded by the love and protection of her family and friends. The three women smile, knowing that they have triumphed over evil and that their love and strength have saved the day.


Rishita says she has information about Chutki. The police ask Shweta to tell them where Chutki is. Shweta says she won’t tell them anything and if they take her to the police station, Chutki will die. The whole family is worried and Rishita is desperate to know what happened to Chutki. The police try to convince Shweta to reveal the truth, but she remains stubborn. In the next episode, the family will race against time to find Chutki and bring her back to safety. Will they be able to save Chutki before it’s too late?

Update Credit to Aishwarya

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