Pandya Store 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva inquires Suman about Shweta

Pandya Store 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shweta raised her hand on Dhara, but Rishita intervened and stopped her. Dhara prevented Rishita from slapping Shweta. Shweta claimed that Natasha will listen to her because she is not considered family by her, and that Chiku will react when he finds out the truth. Shiva recognized the girl and believed they had a connection. Suman was unaware of the girl’s identity. Dhara begged Shweta to stop looking for Chiku.

Dhara pleads with the person not to tell anyone that they beat her. Shweta pushes Dhara and goes to search for Chiku. Gautam and Krish plan to look for Chutki and Chiku. Rishita apologizes for speaking the truth in front of Shweta. Everyone rushes to search for the children. Natasha feels sad and sits alone while Shweta looks for her. Raavi suggests they get snacks and leave, but Shiva sees the girl and stops them.

Natasha questions her family connection and wonders if these people are really her family. Raavi comes up with an idea to distract Krish’s wife with bhaang laddoos. Shweta asks for Natasha and Suman questions if she got lost again. Krish’s friend gives Shweta laddoos and announces that she is Krish’s wife. Chiku and Shesh plan to put colours on Gautam and Dhara, and hide afterward. Kanta offers to take care of Natasha while she is not feeling well. Raavi winks at Shiva and takes him away from the market.

The kids hide and laugh while Dhara cries and tries to find them. Shesh suggests going to refill water while Chiku wonders if Shweta has told everything to Chiku. Dhara feels tense and worried about the kids’ whereabouts. Gautam consoles her.


Chiku overhears Dhara revealing the adoption truth. They are shocked to see Chiku behind them.

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