Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas meet Natasha

Pandya Store 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Dhara says she won’t give her son, Chiku, to anyone, and fears Shweta will ruin his life. Chutki is dying, and Rishita is trying to get Chiku. The kids bring Chutki to Pandya house. Chutki falls into the arms of Rishita and Dev. Everyone is emotional.

Shesh says the arrival of the girl (Chutki) is a surprise for Dadi. The girl is a fan favorite and is recognized as a character from a TV show. Chiku brought Chutki to the house as a way of getting closer to calling Dadi “grandmother.” Suman, Rishita, and Dhara are all fans of Chutki. Rishita tries to take Chiku away but Shweta has already left. Chiku runs and hugs Dhara. Rishita thanks Raavi but accuses her of causing the situation.

Dhara claims Chiku as her son and refuses to give him away Chutki is dying and Rishita wants to save her The kids bring Chutki to Pandya house Shesh, Chiku and Dhara bring a new girl to the Pandya house for Dadi, who is a fan of the girl from a TV show Rishita mistakes the new girl for her daughter and tries to take Chiku with her Shweta demands 50 lakhs and runs away with the new girl, Natasha Rishita and Dhara try to find Chutki and Shweta by calling her, but the phone goes unanswered and is eventually switched off.


Rishita is trying to find information about Chutki and is begging Shweta to reveal what happened to the child. Shweta is demanding 50 lakhs in exchange for information about Chutki. Rishita is unsure how to come up with the money and turns to Krish for help. Shweta is using the information about Chutki as leverage to get money.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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