Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishita gets restless to find Chutki

Pandya Store 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shesh falls down and cries, and Suman applies haldi to his injury. Chutki says she will go to her mumma, and Chiku locks the door. Dev drops his phone in the bin, and Shweta passes it to him. Rishita scolds Chutki, and Dhara asks her to control herself. Chutki’s mother’s name is revealed to be Dolly. Gautam and Shiva take Chutki, and Shweta hides. A girl named Ravi asks Chutki her mum’s name.

Suman sends the kids inside, while Rishita calls Shweta and asks for Chutki. Shweta demands 50 lakhs and threatens Rishita with Chutki’s life, saying prove that love and family are more important than money. Shweta regrets divorcing Krish and not taking money from him as alimony. Gautam and Shiva bring Chutki to the temple and comfort her. No information about the whereabouts of Natasha is given. Rishita is concerned about how to arrange for 50 lakhs. The text depicts a situation of financial blackmail and emotional distress.

Rishita asks Krish for money to help Shweta, who they are trying to assist. Krish is told he must decide between staying in India or going to Canada with Ruchi. Rishita faints, and Shiva and Gautam take Chutki home. Dhara hides divorce papers and consoles Rishita, who is upset about Chutki. They are unable to find Chutki’s mother. Suman and Dev console Rishita. Shiva remembers doing the same thing Chutki did as a child.

Dhara tries to pacify Chutki and assures her they will find her mother soon. Suman suggests Krish will provide the money for the ransom. Shiva becomes restless while watching Chutki’s distress. Chutki goes to Shesh and Mittu, who scare her and make her cry. A photo album falls and Chutki notices a picture with Krish and her mother, which confuses her. Shweta worries about Natasha’s whereabouts.


Rishita tells about the Pandya house being for sale for one crore. Raavi hands a pamphlet to Dhara. Dhara becomes emotional and cries.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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