Pandya Store 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta arrives at Pandya house with Chutki

Pandya Store 20th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – 👶 Dhara didn’t want to take the kids with them on their trip. 🚚 Chiku is worried about not knowing where the truck is going. 🆘 The kids shout for help but the truck driver doesn’t hear them because he is listening to music. 🔊 Gautam sees the truck and asks their auto driver to follow it. 😢 Raavi blames Dhara for losing Chutki and worries about losing Mittu. 🙏 Suman prays for the safety of the children and urges them to call Gautam and Dhara. 🚐 Gautam and Dhara are on their way to rescue the kids.

🎭 “Bhagam Bhag” play in progress. 👦 Chiku suggests leaving wheat husk as a clue to lead Dhara to the kids. 👧 Suman defends Dhara, asks Raavi not to blame her for everything. 🤔 Suman questions why Rishita didn’t take Shesh and Mittu with her. 👩‍👧 Dhara follows the wheat husk trail to find the kids. 🚛 Dhara stops the tempo with the help of Gautam and frees the kids. 👊 Dhara slaps the driver and scolds him for his actions.

🚗 The kids were left alone in a truck but are rescued and return home. 👧 Natasha is caught hiding and reunited with her family. 🎁 Shweta buys many things for a celebration and scares the kids. 🧒 Suman emphasizes the importance of discipline and scolds Shweta for losing Chutki. 🤔 Shweta thinks Chutki ran away again and tries to find her. 🙏 The family hopes to find Chutki and bring her back home.


📄 Shweta presents a legal document showing that she and Krish are not yet divorced. 🗣️ Rishita threatens to call the police and asks Shweta to leave. 💬 Shweta challenges Rishita to call the police and threatens to reveal the truth to Natasha.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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