Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta forces Prerna to leave Krish

Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shweta showers rose petals on Krish and Prerna, but Krish throws the bouquet away. Krish asks what’s going on and demands an explanation from Shweta. Shweta reveals divorce papers and shows that Krish didn’t sign them. Krish is shocked to learn that Shweta is legally still his wife. Shweta tells Prerna that she is the second woman, and Krish is only hers. Shiva advises Natasha to call her mother, and warns her not to fall down. Prerna asks Dhara for an explanation of the situation.

Shweta asks Krish to talk to her, but he shouts and tells her to leave. Prerna asserts that Krish is hers and scolds Shweta. Shweta demands that Krish throw away the ring, as she is still legally married to him. Shweta brings up the potential impact on her daughter, Chutki, if she sees the family fighting. Rishita asserts her right to make decisions regarding her daughter, while Prerna argues for her love for Krish. Shweta calls Natasha, potentially planning to leave with her if Krish stays with Prerna. Krish declares his love for Prerna and asserts that no one can come between them.

Rishita is worried that if Krish leaves, Chutki will also leave, and she wants him to stay. Shweta tells Prerna to leave, and Krish raises his hand but is stopped by Prerna. Shweta accuses Krish of forgetting what he did and asks him to sacrifice his love for Chutki’s sake. Natasha is upset about her broken iPad, and Shiva consoles her. Rishita asks Krish and Prerna not to take away her chance of getting Chutki and asks Prerna to get separated from Krish. Krish asserts his love for Prerna and refuses to give her up. Rishita blames Krish for the situation.

Dhara advises Rishita that she is wrong, but Rishita cannot stay away from her daughter. Shweta enjoys the situation. Rishita asks Prerna to leave, but Krish defends her. Shiva looks for Dolly with Natasha and offers her chocolate. Raavi wonders why Shiva is with Chutki instead of going to the store. Prerna decides to leave, despite Krish’s objections. Prerna believes that her happiness should not keep a mother away from her daughter.


Natasha troubles the kids. Dhara and Rishita argue.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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