Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish requests Dhara

Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Prerna announces that she will leave so that Rishita can have her daughter. Krish tries to intervene, but Prerna leaves anyway. Meanwhile, Raavi urgently calls for Shweta to come, but Shweta brushes it off and claims she’s the bahu of the house. Dhara laments the unfairness done to Prerna and prays for Krish and Prerna. Suddenly, Shiva arrives and rushes to take Chutki home. Raavi urges Shweta to go to her room, as Shiva could come anytime.

Shiva inquires about Chutki’s mother, Dolly, and asks if anything unusual happened in the house. Shweta asks Krish to sit down, and Rishita sees Chutki but the child becomes uneasy and asks for her mom. Krish berates Shweta, and Shiva suggests that they move to another room. Meanwhile, Gautam takes Shiva to a store for something important. Krish reminds Shweta that he only belongs to Prerna, and the argument continues until Chutki enters the scene. Dhara leads Chutki upstairs, and the little girl goes to see Krish and Shweta, causing Krish to get emotional.

Chutki returns and is greeted by Shweta who asks if she was moved by the baby and requests a gift for her. Krish leaves to buy a gift, while Shweta encourages Chutki to be strong and not cry over her broken iPad. Everyone is worried about Shweta, and Raavi prepares to leave. Krish cries to Suman and Dhara about his love for Prerna and the difficulty of staying away from her. Dev consoles Rishita and assures her that they will convince Chutki to love them with their love. The kids come home and pray, while Rishita plans to take Chutki with them. Dhara ponders how Shweta will leave their house.


Chutki causes trouble for the other children, prompting Dhara to scold her. Chutki turns to Rishita for support, and Rishita defends her, asking Dhara to scold Chiku instead.

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