Pandya Store 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishita gets jealous

Pandya Store 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Chutki hit the boys with a water gun, leading to a confrontation between the children. Dhara scolds Natasha for her actions and orders her to apologize, while Shweta continues shopping. Rishita is happy and smiles.

The kids argue about who started the conflict, with Chutki claiming that her tablet was broken and the other kids claiming that their aeroplane and album were taken. Dhara believes it’s the responsibility of the parents to teach their children, while Gautam, who is drunk, sees double and accuses Shiva of giving him two bottles.

The man questions Gautam’s drinking and accuses Shiva of not staying with the family, but Shiva denies the accusation. Dhara reminds Chiku of his responsibility to keep everyone safe, but the man continues to accuse them of staying away.

Gautam presents Shiva’s handglove as proof of his presence. Shiva laments Gautam’s behavior. Chiku expresses dislike for Natasha and Dhara defends her as a family member. Rishita blames Chiku for spoiling Shesh. Dhara warns Chiku about his behavior. The other man insults Gautam and Shiva’s mental state. A fight breaks out between Gautam, Shiva, and the men, leading to destruction of the store.

The group argues about the children’s misbehavior. Gautam is drunk and causes a scene, accusing Shiva of not being present. Chiku expresses his dislike for Natasha, but Dhara defends her as part of the family. The men cause damage to the store and flee after being beaten by Shiva. Dhara prepares a surprise for Chutki and invites Natasha to join them, which she accepts. The group discusses the meaning of LS and reveals that Natasha is Rishita’s daughter.

Dhara apologizes to Natasha and agrees not to scold her anymore, and Natasha accepts her apology. Rishita is upset that she can’t hug her daughter and is worried that she can’t bond with her. Dev reassures Rishita that her daughter will bond with her soon, and Suman advises Rishita to show her daughter love. Dhara decorates a room for Natasha, and the kids are surprised when they see it. Natasha is happy with the room and says that her mother has never done anything like this for her before. Dhara hugs Natasha tightly and tells her that she loves her, and Natasha kisses her before going to play with her dollhouse. Rishita is still upset and crying, and Dhara goes to comfort her.

Rishita asks Dhara how she manages to do everything, and Dhara replies that she doesn’t know and reminds Rishita to be happy that Chutki is taking steps towards their family. Rishita asks if Chutki is on their side or Dhara’s side, and Dhara assures her that even if Chutki is currently more comfortable with her, she will eventually come to Rishita’s side. Dhara encourages Rishita to stay with them for the day, as it is a good opportunity for her to spend time with Chutki and win her heart, while Shweta pays attention to Krish.


Dhara reveals to someone that she brought Prerna home, but is worried about how to protect her from Shweta. Shweta warns that if she ever sees Prerna in their house, she will sever all relationships with everyone in the house, despite already having Natasha on her side.

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