Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prerna and Dhara hatch a plan against Shweta

Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Dhara asks if anyone can trouble Rishita, Shesh says only him. Dhara assures Rishita that she won’t be troubled and asks her to win Chutki’s heart. Dhara makes Chutki’s dollhouse in their room and says it’s their room and house. Shesh asks about Natasha’s stay, Dhara says she is their sister, but Natasha disagrees. Dhara offers to get juice for everyone, but Natasha asks for no sugar. Dhara tells Shesh it’s his responsibility to make the kids friendly. Rishita stops the boys from calling Natasha “Chutki” and apologizes to her.

Krish confesses his love to Prerna and apologizes. She reciprocates her feelings and expresses her fear of losing him. They hug, but separate when Dhara enters. Prerna teases Krish for being shy about hugging her. Dhara compliments Krish for his ability to love and handle relationships, feeling that he is just like them.

Prerna asks Dhara to save Krish from Shweta, and Dhara agrees to plan it. Shesh jumps and wipes the line, prompting Rishita to scold the boys. Prerna hugs Dhara and compliments her. Dhara suggests keeping Krish away from Shweta to prevent her from forming a legal relationship with him. Chiku excuses himself to go to the washroom, and Shesh runs to Natasha. Rishita stops them from going to the dollhouse and suggests Natasha play by herself. Dhara proposes giving Shweta sleeping pills in her food, but Prerna worries that it’s not a permanent solution. Krish says Shweta only loves his money, and Dhara agrees.

Gautam and Shiva talk in the store while arranging things. Dhara plans to show Shweta that Krish is bankrupt and has no money, while also asking him to stay with her and Prerna. Shiva promises to never leave Gautam.

Rishita feeds Natasha, who expresses love towards her and others. Shweta becomes worried when Natasha denies her as her mother, claiming that she was stolen.


Dhara rescued Prerna from an unknown situation and now she’s worried about Shweta’s threats, while Shweta has some kind of leverage over the family with her possession of Natasha.

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