Parineeti 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe Accuses Parineet Of Neeti’s Miscarriage

Parineeti 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Rajiv asked the doctor about Neeti’s health. The doctor informed that Neeti needs blood and they were unable to arrange for it. Sukwindar offered to donate blood for Neeti. The doctor stated that the blood needs to match with Neeti’s blood. Sukwindar suggested getting tested for compatibility. Bebe expressed her displeasure with Pari and stated that Neeti’s condition was a result of Pari’s actions. Bebe also referred to Pari as a “bad omen.” Rajiv took Pari away from the situation, stating that Neeti and Pari were sisters and best friends.

Rakesh called his father for help. Rakesh informed his father that the police was after him. Rakesh’s father was unsympathetic and wished for the police to catch Rakesh. Rakesh’s father stated that he no longer cared about Rakesh. Rakesh was shocked by his father’s response.

Rajiv and Pari are outside Neeti’s room. Rajiv apologized for Bebe’s harsh words towards Pari. Rajiv expressed that Bebe was unaware of Pari’s willingness to help Neeti. Pari acknowledged that Neeti’s condition was due to her actions. Rajiv discouraged Pari from speaking negatively about herself.

Pami is praying to God. Pami is concerned about Pari’s struggles and the harsh words she has faced. Pami acknowledged that Pari had a strong connection to the family and Rajiv. Pami stated that Pari sacrificed everything for Neeti. Pami acknowledged that both Pari and Neeti live for each other and depend on each other. Pami is asking God to not let them separate.

The doctor informs the family that Sukwindar cannot donate blood due to high sugar levels. The doctor announces that Pari’s blood is a match for Neeti. Neeti expresses gratitude and agrees to receive blood from Pari. Neeti recalls Sukwindar’s request for her to leave their lives once she recovers. Neeti leaves. Sukwindar thinks Neeti has to rely on her “sautan” (rival or mistress) to save her life. Rajiv expresses a desire for Pari to find a loving partner and be happy in her life.

Everyone is praying for Neeti’s health. The doctor comes with news and announces that Neeti is now okay. The doctor delivers the tragic news that they could not save the baby. The news shocks everyone.

Rajiv visits Neeti. He embraces her as she silently cries.

Rakesh’s father is angry with him. He accuses Rakesh of killing an unborn baby. Rakesh’s father tells him to leave the house. Rakesh expresses his desire for love in his life. Rakesh tells his father that he wants to marry Pari. His father tells him to find another girl and forget Pari. His father threatens Rakesh if he doesn’t listen to him this time.

Rajiv and Pari bring Neeti to her room and Pari stays with her, holding her hand and trying to comfort her. Neeti expresses fear and uncertainty, and Pari reassures her that she is there for her. Neeti shows them baby clothes and toys she had bought for her child, which makes both Rajiv and Pari cry. Bebe arrives and accuses Pari of being a bad omen, claiming that she is an outsider who acts like she owns everything and brings bad luck to the family. Rajiv defends Pari and tells Bebe that she has always been there for them through good times and bad. Bebe leaves, upset and convinced that Pari is a negative influence on the family. Rajiv and Pari try to console Neeti and help her through her distress.

Neeti is upset and feels scared, possibly due to a recent event or situation involving her baby. Pari tries to comfort Neeti and reassures her that everything will be okay. Bebe’s accusations of Pari being a bad omen result in a confrontation with Rajiv. Despite the argument, Rajiv and Pari remain focused on consoling Neeti. Bebe ultimately decides to leave the room, unable to resolve the situation. Neeti is left feeling uncertain and asks Pari for help.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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