Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Gulnaaz Turns The Table

Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Gazal comes to the family. Ruhaan asks if Gulnaz agreed to the marriage. Gazal says no, because she’s an orphan and thinks no mother would want her as a daughter-in-law. Ruhaan holds her hand and says he’ll go with her. Gazal says she doesn’t have anyone and wants to leave. Ruhaan repeats that he’ll go with her. Dua asks Ruhaan to control himself. Ruhaan says he can take care of himself. Haider tells Ruhaan to talk to Gazal with respect. Ruhaan apologizes and says he’s blinded by love. Gazal starts to leave and Ruhaan pleads with Haider to stop her. Gulnaz comes and stops Gazal, saying she accepts her as a daughter-in-law. Gazal hugs Gulnaz and whispers that she played good. Gulnaz whispers that she wants Gazal to break Haider’s marriage.

The flashback shows Gazal talking to Gulnaz. Gazal says Ruhaan will come to Gulnaz after a heartbreak. Ruhaan doesn’t listen to Gulnaz, takes Hina as his mother, and wants Hina’s permission first. Gazal says this is because Ruhaan shares everything with Dua. When Ruhaan’s marriage with Gazal breaks, he’ll hate Haider, Dua, and Hina and come back to Gulnaz. Gulnaz says she’s with Gazal. The flashback ends.

Gulnaz tells the family Gazal will be the daughter-in-law. Ruhaan thanks her and is very happy. Dua says Gazal is still lying and doesn’t love Ruhaan. Gulnaz says she can see love in Gazal’s eyes for Ruhaan. Dua says Gazal is cheating everyone and spoiling Ruhaan’s life. Gulnaz says Gazal loves Ruhaan a lot and she wants a girl like Gazal for Ruhaan. Hina agrees the proposal is good.

Dua says Gulnaz is spoiling her son’s life. Hina says why can’t Gazal get another chance. Dua says Gazal did a sin. Ruhaan holds Gazal’s hand and says if they accept each other then what’s the issue. Hina says maybe Dua is scared of losing her position and power in the house. All are shocked by Hina’s statement. Dua says Hina’s statement cannot be true as she thought Hina was her friend.

A proposal for Gazal to become a daughter-in-law of the family is accepted by Gulnaz. Dua expresses concern about Gazal’s intentions and past behavior. Hina defends Gazal and accuses Dua of trying to maintain her power and position in the family. Haider also expresses concern about Gazal’s past actions and argues in support of Dua. Family members are divided in their opinions about Gazal, with some defending her and others expressing concerns.

Ruhaan believes that everyone makes mistakes and Gazal should be given another chance. Hina feels that Gazal deserves all her rights and Dua tries to stop her from talking about it, but Haider says it’s useless and takes Dua away. Dadi feels left out of the decision making process and says that she has always been the one to make decisions in the family. Hina brings sweets to try and cheer up Dadi but instead, Dadi becomes upset at the thought of Ruhaan’s marriage being decided without her input. Dadi ultimately decides that she and the family need to think about the marriage before making a decision.

Ruhaan decides to take Gazal and leave the family because they cannot accept her. Hina and Gulnaz try to stop Ruhaan from leaving, but they are unsuccessful. Dadi asks Ruhaan to leave and says that he will always come back. Rahat speaks up and says that the situation is about their family’s honor. Ruhaan and Gazal ultimately leave the family.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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