Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider’s Advice To Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Ruhaan tells Gazal that he loves her. Dua thinks that Gazal is a witch and has trapped Ruhaan. Ruhaan confesses his love for Gazal to Hina and begs for her acceptance. Gulnaz doesn’t accept Gazal as her daughter-in-law. Gazal thinks she can convince Gulnaz and goes to talk to her. Hina accepts Gazal as her daughter. Ruhaan intends to marry Gazal despite opposition.

Scene 2: Gazal tries to talk to Gulnaz but is met with hostility. Gulnaz accuses Gazal of trying to trap her son. Dadi thinks that Gulnaz will never agree to Gazal. Hina tells Ruhaan that Gazal will convince Gulnaz. Gazal tries to talk to Gulnaz, but is met with hostility and accusations. Meanwhile, Dadi thinks that Gulnaz will never agree to Gazal, but Hina believes Gazal will convince her.

Gazal asks Gulnaz to listen to her. Gulnaz calls Gazal a “shameless and cheap woman.” Gazal says she will be Gulnaz’s daughter-in-law because Ruhaan loves her. Gazal offers Gulnaz water.

Haider asks Dua if she knew about Ruhaan’s feelings for Gazal. Dua says she tried to convince Ruhaan but failed. Haider is angry with Dua for not telling him. Ruhaan asks Rahat if he will be on his side regarding his love for Gazal. Rahat says he cannot make his other son against him.

Gulnaz throws water at Gazal. Gazal chokes on water but gets angry and slaps Gulnaz. Gazal reveals that she is not interested in Ruhaan, but instead eyeing Haider. Gazal plans to use Ruhaan as a weapon to break Haider and Dua’s marriage. Gulnaz warns Gazal to spare her son.

A conversation between Dua and Haider. Haider accuses Dua of trying to frame Gazal. Haider says that the person told Dua about their heart but Dua didn’t take any action. Haider goes to Ruhaan and says he’s with him.

A conversation between Gulnaz and Gazal. Gulnaz accuses Gazal of using her son. Gulnaz tells Gazal to leave. Gazal returns to the family. Dadi is aware of the situation and everyone is observing the situation.


Ruhaan and Gazal hold hands. Ruhaan speaks to Dua about their relationship. Dua is worried about the relationship and feels threatened. Dua’s mother, Ammi, is aware of Dua’s thoughts and fears.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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