Radha Mohan 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha succeeds in her first rasoi

Radha Mohan 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Radha has made kheer, and Tulsi thinks it looks good. Tulsi leaves to check on Mohan, while Damini tries to ruin Radha’s kheer with spices. Radha stops Damini from ruining the kheer and accuses her of always trying to ruin things. Damini argues that no one will believe Radha, and that Mohan doesn’t care about her or the kheer. Damini says that even if the kheer is good, only “Maa” will eat it. Damini expresses fear about losing her status as daughter-in-law. Damini mentions that she has made pasta.

Radha and Damini have a history of disagreement or conflict. Radha accuses Damini of trying to interfere with or ruin things, whether it be food or “lives.” Damini is feeling hopeless about her situation, including her relationship with Mohan and her status in the household. Food and cooking seem to be a source of tension and competition between the two women.

Radha has mixed feelings towards Damini, considering her to be a bad person but acknowledging that she said something right. Radha feels unsure and worried about her situation and wonders what her mother-in-law thinks of her. Kadambari prompts Radha to hurry. Radha has an idea after seeing a pot. Radha and Damini both bring dishes to Mohan, causing him to feel tense. Mohan is unable to choose between the two dishes. Radha feels the pressure to make a good impression in her new household. The competition between the two women extends to their cooking, with both trying to win over Mohan’s approval. Mohan is caught in a difficult situation, feeling tensed about choosing between the two dishes. Food and cooking may play a significant role in relationships and status in the household.

Today is Radha’s first day cooking as the daughter-in-law of the family. Damini is also a wife in the household and it is her first day in that role as well. Kadambari is angry with Mohan’s comments. Radha made kheer for everyone and hopes they will like it. Damini made pasta, which is already a liked dish. Rahul is hungry and requests Damini to serve him. Radha stops Kadambari from eating the kheer due to not fulfilling a ritual (Bhoug). Mohan taunts Radha, leading to a scolding from Kadambari. Tension and conflict in a household over food, rituals,

Mohan’s comments and actions create a difficult atmosphere in the household. There may be cultural or traditional practices that play a role in the preparation and consumption of food. Food can also be a source of competition or power dynamics in a household. Relationships in a household can be impacted by both food and cultural/traditional practices.

Radha takes the kheer to the mandir. Damini is serving pasta but is upset with Radha calling Mohan. Kadambari is tense because Mohan is addressing her differently. Mohan is angry and not responding to calls, but Kadambari insists he go. Damini tries to follow Mohan but is stopped by Kaveri.

Mohan arrives to perform the ritual of Bhoug, but Radha denies having called him. Radha starts singing and Mohan gets irritated. Damini asks Mohan to leave as breakfast is getting cold. Mohan tries to leave but almost falls, and Radha helps him. In the process, the ritual of Bhoug is completed unintentionally. Radha and Tulsi are shocked, while Damini is angry. Mohan notices that the ritual is completed and is shocked, he leaves furiously and praises Bihari jee.

Kaveri mentions that Damini should serve pasta for breakfast. Everyone, including Mr. Trivedi, expresses interest in eating pasta. Radha serves kheer to everyone, starting with Mohan. Ketki says that no one is interested in the kheer and Mohan agrees. Despite this, Radha serves the kheer to everyone and they are angry. Mohan praises the pasta again.

Radha stops Mr. Trivedi from eating the pasta because it has a lot of oil.

Kadambari agrees with Radha that pasta is not good for Mr. Trivedi’s health. Damini offers to feed Mohan the pasta with her own hands. Radha requests Mohan not to eat it but is told by Damini to not interfere. Mohan takes a bite and realizes the pasta is spicy, causing the entire family to feel strange. The family members start coughing, and Kadambari offers water to Ajeet.

Radha stops Mr. Trivedi from eating the pasta as it has a lot of oil, which is not good for his health. Mohan, who is Damini’s husband, starts eating the pasta, but realizes that it is spicy. The rest of the family members also start feeling the spice. Mohan starts coughing and demands water but ends up eating the kheer straight from the serving pot. Ajeet and the rest of the family members also start eating the kheer, which makes Kadambari relieved. Mohan blames Radha for purposely mixing the spice in the pasta, which makes Radha furious.


Radha is accused of adding spices to the pasta Radha produces a video showing Damini’s vow to ruin her kheer Kadambari is angry with Radha’s actions Damini is tense about the situation Kaveri thinks Radha has gotten smart.

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