Radha Mohan 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Damini made a spicy pasta. Ajeet confirms the spiciness of the pasta. Mohan initially says Damini didn’t do anything. Mohan later accuses Radha of purposely mixing spices in the pasta. Radha admits to mixing spices in the pasta. Radha shows a video of Damini planning to ruin Radha’s kheer. Radha says she learned to do the same from Damini. Radha claims she was inspired by the story of Bihari jee. Radha’s actions shock the Trivedi family. Damini asks if everyone sees her true evil nature. Kaveri thinks Radha has become smart. Radha says she is following Bihari jee’s advice to defeat evil.

Kadambari questions Damini about trying to mix spice in Radha’s kheer. Mohan says Damini didn’t do anything wrong. Mohan states that he doesn’t consider Radha as his wife. Kadambari says she doesn’t want to repeat the same thing over and over. Mohan says he can’t repeat the same thing to form a relationship with Radha. Mohan leaves the table in anger.

The Trivedi family is eating breakfast when Kadambari mentions that Mohan is angry and has not eaten anything. Radha explains that Mohan ate the entire bowl of Kheer and might not be able to eat lunch. Radha kneels to take Mr. Trivedi’s blessings and asks for his Shugun for her first ritual. Radha explains that she is his daughter-in-law and has twice the right over him. Mr. Trivedi recalls that Radha has helped him a lot and no one else in his family has asked anything from him. Damini and Kaveri are both furious. Radha explains that she is just Mr. Trivedi’s daughter but now is his daughter-in-law, so she has twice the right over him. Kadambari is worried about Mohan’s anger but Radha reassures her that he ate the entire bowl of Kheer and might not be able to eat lunch. Radha kneels to take Mr. Trivedi’s blessings and asks for his Shugun. Mr. Trivedi reflects that no one in his family has ever asked anything from him but Radha, who has helped him a lot, has asked for his Shugun.

Radha kneels to take Mr. Trivedi’s blessings and he places them in her hand, making him cry. Radha realizes she made a big mistake but Kadambari praises her for the Kheer she made and instructs her to always keep an eye on everything in the kitchen. Radha thanks Bihari for making sure her first ritual was completed without any problem and exclaims she did it all without their support. Damini taunts Radha for wanting to eat beside her husband instead of in his leftovers and warns her to take revenge for what she did to her today. Radha questions Damini on what century she is living in and reminds her that wives have the same rights as their husbands. Radha takes blessings from both Mr Trivedi and Kadambari and thanks Bihari jee for his help in completing her first ritual as the daughter-in-law without any problems. Kadambari instructs Radha to always keep an eye on things in the kitchen and not let anything go to waste, to which Radha promises to never do anything wrong in the future. Damini gets furious and taunts Radha, saying she will only eat in Mohan’s left over dish, but Radha retorts saying wives have the same rights over their husbands. Damini warns Radha of taking revenge for what she has done to her and leaves in anger.

Dulari and Radha are discussing what to eat as all the food has finished. Radha points to the pasta, but Dulari is worried about its spiciness. Radha adds wheat balls to the pasta to balance the spices and assures Dulari it will be okay. Dulari is hesitant to eat with Radha because she is the daughter-in-law of the house, but Radha explains that she helps run the house and has every right to eat with her. Dulari expresses concern that Radha wronged Mohan, but Radha assures her she will fix all the problems in the house. Radha starts feeling ill and dizzy, and Tulsi expresses concern. Radha explains she has a fever but says she will get better.


Damini thinks Radha should have the same fate as Tulsi. Radha falls unconscious in front of Mohan and Gungun is shocked. Gungun questions what Mohan has done to Radha and accuses him of being responsible for her condition. Mohan informs Gungun that Radha has a fever. Gungun blames Mohan for Radha’s condition, despite the fact that she was fine in the morning. Mohan is shocked by Gungun’s accusations.

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